Bridal Shimmer Makeup – How To Apply

1*Use a moisturizer or a liquid foundation with very fine light-reflective particles. This gives your skin a glow that seems to come from within. You appear younger as well due to the properties of the product, which deflect light off of your skin and make any wrinkles less noticeable.


2*Add shimmer to your eye makeup by brushing a light shimmery translucent shade over the center of your already made up eyelids. If your crease is defined with a darker color eyeshadow, you will see even more depth and texture in your eye makeup now.
3*Run a shimmer stick or pencil very lightly over already lined lash lines. If you use a black liquid eyeliner on your top lash line, the contrast between the black and the shimmer will be especially noticeable.


4*Pat a shimmery clear lip gloss over your regular lipstick. For a more dynamic look, use a sheer shimmery gloss with a hint of color instead. For instance, you can try a shimmery pale gold gloss over pink lipstick or a soft shimmery lavender gloss atop stained red lips. If you don’t suffer from chapped lips and prefer a more solid color on your lips, pick a lipstick with crushed diamond-like particles in it and forego lip gloss altogether.

5*Dab a subtle highlighter on your browbones, the inner corners of your eyes, the top of your cupid’s bow and on the tops of your cheekbones after the rest of your makeup has been applied. Blend the edges into the makeup you already have on, step back and notice the difference such a small step can make.


6*Brush a touch of shimmery bronzer onto your jawline, hairline, the tip of your nose and your chin to lightly define your bone structure while giving you a sun-kissed appearance. Blend any obvious or strong edges away with a makeup sponge.


7*Roll or brush on some very sheer fairy dust on exposed skin. Great options are your décolletage, your arms and your bare back. Take care to try this step only if it is in your personality to be at least slightly flamboyant or eccentric–you will catch people’s attention as well as leave traces of shimmer behind. Stage performers are generally better suited to this step than the average female, but it is worth a shot for someone who wants to try on a new look.




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