Romantic Victorian Jewelry For Women

Victorian jewelry comes from a most romantic era of history with the period setting off with the marriage of Queen Victorian to Prince Albert. The jewelry of the time mirrors the romance of the period and most Victorian jewelry could be said to have a wonderful appealing allure to it. Victorian wedding and engagement rings are said to reflect the partnership of Queen and Prince and as such Victorian jewelry is often worn to reflect a true romance between two people.

The romance of the Victorian era is still replicated and used by those wanting to create a truly romantic wedding still replicate the traditions of a Victorian wedding. Most traditions have been lost as time goes on but many still continue, such as the bride’s father granting permission for her daughter to be wed. Many societies in the Western world still use this as a honourable way to ask for a hand in marriage.Many items of Victorian jewelry are still used today in marriage. Most were either diamond, ruby or emerald jewelry, though diamonds were only worn by married women and if an un married woman was adorned with diamonds, the assumption was made that she had been given them by a lover. The precious gems used in such Victorian jewelry were often used in spelling out the date of the wedding or similar to create wonderful individual pieces.During the Victorian period the materials such as gold or diamonds were in short supply and as such new techniques were adopted to make the most of what was available. Gold was often drawn into thin sheets using a die roller and then used on cheaper materials to still give the appearance of a solid gold object but to only have used the minimum amount of the precious metal. Generally the period of Victorian jewelry produced a new, creative range of jeweller’s techniques such as filigree and repoussé. It truly was an exiting time for jewelry.


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