Mermaid Eyes Incorporate Fantasy Themed Makeup

If you’ve always been the imaginative type, perhaps you want to extend your creativity in the direction of your makeup. This doesn’t mean looking like you are perpetually on your way to a theatrical production you are starring in, or as though you are wearing Halloween face paint on a daily basis. It is possible to incorporate fantasy-themed makeup into your daily life. Take mermaid eyes, for instance.

The less daring may want to save the look for going clubbing or other nighttime events, but with the option to apply the colors as minimally or as sheerly as you desire, there is no reason why you shouldn’t at least experiment with those blues, greens and turquoises.

1*Start off makeup application with clean skin. Apply foundation on eyelids, as well as underneath the eyes to create a base for makeup. Blend an eye makeup primer over lids for color that resists creasing and fading. Camouflage dark circles on the under eye area by patting on a concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin tone to brighten up the region.
2*Clean up and define eyebrows as usual. No special tricks are required to stylize brows, but they do need to be free from stray and scraggly hairs to open up eye area and frame face attractively. Make sure any gaps between hairs are filled in with a brow pencil or powder that matches your natural brow color.

3*Prep lids for color by applying a vanilla-hued eyeshadow from lash line to brow bone. From here on out, you will be using a combination of green and blue shades on your eyes to evoke the ocean. From lash line to slightly past the crease, apply a highly pigmented mid-tone blue. Contrast it with a dark green on crease. On brow bones, as well as inner and outer corners of the eyes, apply a light shimmery see-through green highlighter. Along lower lash lines, smudge either the mid-tone blue or the dark green eyeshadow with an eye smudge brush. You want it to be somewhat smoky to allow the color to be more noticeable. Use an eyeshadow blending brush to soften any hard lines in your colors so that all edges fade into each other.

4*Line above top lash lines with a black liquid eyeliner that gradually gets thicker from the middle of the eye outwards. Wing edges upwards to give eyes a stylized lift. If you wish to dress eyes up further, you can layer a clear liquid eyeliner with fine flecks of turquoise glitter over the black.
5*Curl eyelashes. You may apply either a black or a dark blue mascara on lashes. Avoid smudges by using a waterproof formula

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