Asian Bridal Makeover Perfect Look

How To Apply Asian Bridal Makeup

Step 1: Eye shadow

Start by applying foundation to the eyelid. Brush a nude eye shadow over the top. This works to prepare the eyelid for colour; keeping them intense and in place for longer.
Brush a deep bronzy colour into the contour of the eye. Follow this by a softer bronze over the outer half of the lid. Apply an intense copper colour to the middle of the lower lid. On the inner corner of the lid sweep on a light creamy colour, brush the same colour on the brow bone to highlight it. Using a combination of shades like this works to make the eyes appear larger. Blend the colours together with a small brush. Add a little red eye shadow into the contour crease to give the look depth, again blend to eliminate any harsh lines. For an added touch of glamour dab on a little glitter to the middle of the eyelid.

Step 2: Eyelashes

Apply mascara to the top eyelashes. Wedding make up should be especially dramatic – so false eyelashes are a must. Trim the ends of the strip, this will help it adhere to the eye. Apply the glue as per the packet instructions, then use an orange stick to accurately push the false lashes as close to your lash line as possible. Keep your eyes closed while the glue dries.Fill in the eyebrows with eyebrow powder applied with an angled brush. Comb eyebrow gel through to keep in shape.Apply liquid black eyeliner along the lash line. Take out beyond the eye, flicking it upwards for a traditional wide-eyed look.Clean away any fallen eye shadow with a facial wipe.


Step 3: Foundation

Use a brush to apply foundation to the rest of the face, blending it down the neck. Naveeda’s top tip if to always apply make up with good quality brushes to get a professional finish.Now’s the time to cover any imperfections will a touch of concealer, blending it into the foundation with your finger tip.Set the foundation with lose powder, – don’t be afraid of using too much, Naveeda recommends Brides always matt the skin as it looks better in photographs. Dust off the excess with a fan brush.

Step 4: Lower lashes

Use a small brush to line under the lower lashes with black eye shadow, soften the line with a sponge smudger. Apply black kohl pencil to the inner rim, and finish the eyes by brushing black mascara to the Lower lashes.

Step 5: Blusher

Apply the apples of the cheeks, then brush up along the cheek bone. Use a large soft brush to gently dust over lose powder to get rid of any harsh blusher lines

Step 6: Lips

Even out the colour of the lips by dabbing on foundation with your finger tips. Line the lips with red lip liner, as it is such a strong colour soften the line with a brush. Then fill the lips with a red lipstick. Blend bronze lipstick into the red for a rich, opulent look. Lastly dab on gold gloss to make the lips appear even fuller.


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