Arabic Eye Makeup – Glamorous Look

The Arabic eye look is a popular makeup trend used by professional makeup artists and celebrity makeup professionals around the world. The glamorous look is created by layering shimmering eye shadows to create a “gradient” of color, and finished with contrasting eyeliner and highlighting around the brows.

1*Prepare the eyelids. Brush on the shimmering color base from the base of the top lash line to the top of the eyelid.
2*Outline the rim of the lower eyelid. Use a dark-colored eye crayon to outline the base of the eyes. Extend this line outward to approximately ¼ inch on each side, creating a “wing.”

3*Prepare the inner eyelids. Brush on the light shimmering eye color (primary color) from the inner eyes to the middle of the brow area.
4*Accent the outer eyelid area. Brush on the darker shimmering eye color (secondary color) on the remainder of the eyelid and extend upward toward the brow area. Add color as needed to extend upward at a 45-degree angle where you created the “wing” in Step 2.

5*Blend the upper eyelid colors together. Use a flat-tipped, wide-angle brush to blend all the colors together using an upward motion. You will still be able to see a gradient of colors.
6*Highlight the upper brow area. Use the white or cream-colored eyeshadow to accentuate the upper brow area. This is used as a highlighting technique to accentuate the eyes even further.

7*Apply a second layer of dark crayon to the upper eyelid. Use the same dark crayon as in Step 2 to create a thick band of color on the upper lids.
8*Finish the upper eyelid. Use the black liquid eyeliner to create a thin line of color that extends outward ¼ inch of the crease of the upper eyelids to create a “wing” shape. Allow to dry.
9*Finish the look with mascara. Apply 2 to 3 coats of mascara to the upper eyelashes to complete the look.


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