Top 5 Name Brand Watches for Women

Buying a luxury watch for women is not exactly the same as buying a luxury watch for men.  Unlike men’s luxury watches, womens luxury watches are generally not as expensive because many do not retain their value.  Men’s luxury watches are made with the best caliber, the best craftsmanship and that is why they are able to increase in price over time.  Women’s luxury watches are often made in terms of style, molding to the latest trends.  However, there is still a clear distinction between fine luxury watches and fashion watches for women.  If you are looking to buy a luxury watch that will be of value years down the line, consider these name brands:


Rolex watches have been at the apex of all fine and luxury watches for nearly a century.  Today it still remains as one of the most reputable, quality and sought-after name brands for both men and women’s watches.  The reason why even women’s Rolex watches are known to increase in value as time goes by is because they firmly believe in making watches that place emphasis on the craftsmanship, manufacturing and quality.  Gold buyers, silver enthusiasts or platinum lovers are able to pick out a watch that is made of high quality precious metals.  Unlike many other watch brands, they do not stay with the latest trends.  This doesn’t mean that their watches aren’t absolutely gorgeous.
Top Styles:

  • Lady Datejust
  • Datejust Special Edition
  • Yacht-Master


Chopard is another well-known luxury watch brand originating from Switzerland.  Unlike other luxury brands, Chopard is known for making watches for women.  Many of Chopard’s women’s watches have a vintage look about them.  In the recent years, they have increased their production to a more masculine looking type of watch for women.  They have a variety of different watch collections from quartz to mechanical watches, watches with gems, technically complicated models, sporty and classic models.
Top Styles:

  • Mille Miglia
  • Happy Diamonds
  • Haute Horlogerie


Women’s Citizen brand watches continue to be one of the best for 2 major reasons: it is less expensive than the other fine watches and it is ecological functioning.  The price of Citizen watches range anywhere from $100-$1,000.  The main appeal of these watches is that they have ec0-drive, meaning they do not need any batteries because the watch is powered by sunlight using small solar panels inside the watch.
Top Styles:

  • Regent Chronograph
  • Palidoro
  • Silhouette Crystal


Danica Patrick is the spokeswoman for women’s Tissot watches.  Since she has been marketing for Tissot, their watches have been increasing in popularity.  The watch that Patrick sports has caught the attention of many women.  It is a quartz watch adorned with sapphire crystals, a red sphere and a leather strap.
Top Styles:

  • T Classic Quartz
  • T Race White Quartz
  • Cera Stainless Steel

Michael Kors
Recently, Michael Kors women’s watches have gained the spotlight they deserve for offering quality watches that are under $500.  Their watches are stylish, classic and well-made.  They will not retain in value, like a Chopard or a Rolex, however those watches run over $20,000 a piece.  If you’re the type of woman who likes variety in your watches, you can invest in a few of Michael Kors collections.
Top Styles:

  • Rose Golden Oversized Chronographic Watch
  • Quartz, Black Dial with Black Goldtone Bracelet
  • Gold Quartz Round Dial Gold Band

Emily Li writes for NY Gold Cashers, the best “we buy watches” services throughout Long Island and Queens, NY.  Her favorite type of womens watches are from the Michael Kors collection as well as the eco-friendly Citizen watches.

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