MAC Turquatic Wonderful Breezy Scent Fragrance

Envelop your skin with a wonderful breezy scent that suits perfectly your bubbly and energetic personality.It seems that MAC has transposed its vast source of inspiration into various beauty collections for the fall 2011 season and this enables women to benefit from a great amount of variety, that will ensure you can find trendy products that suit your personality and style perfectly.


One of the latest additions to the MAC brand is the MAC Turquatic collection for fall 2011. The collection is a fragrance collection which will help give your look a finishing touch, as scent can make a world of a difference. We rely on our senses and the olfactory sense is definitely one that can trigger emotions and memories instantly.

MAC Turquatic collection for fall 2011 envelops your skin in a gorgeous fresh scent that takes you on a dreamy journey over the ocean. The breezy feel of the collection is perfect for the modern woman who loves to smell fresh yet seductive, with floral and woody scents. It is absolutely amazing what a difference a fabulous scent can do for you, so refresh your body with this sensual sea-spray collection.

The energizing fragrance collection features an unforgettable blend of anemone, lotus, orris, and an infusion of Corsican cedrat and blue cedar. This woody and floral fresh mix comes in bottles of 20 and 50 ml as well as a rollerball stick to ensure you can carry your favorite scent everywhere with you.


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