Hair Chalking – Easy, Economical & Fun!

Hair Chalking’! Have you heard of it? Today actresses like Dakota Fanning and Kate Bosworth, pop songstress like Lady Gaga and rock sensation Avril Lavigne have become fans of hair chalking which have brought rainbows into their locks!

The fantastic thing about hair chalk is it is trendy as well as economical. Only thing needed to wear it is you should be adventurous and should not feel regretted on taking the new hue. It is just a temporary color which you can wear as long as you wish. Also your hair need not necessarily be blonde for color chalking. Even purple hair chalk will make your dark hair look stunning.




Anybody can use color bug, right from young kids to women over 70. It is so simple and safe to use. It comes in variety of colors and the entire set of chalks range from $6 to $8.


The chalks are just to be rubbed on dry hair and then locked with hairspray.

However, you should remember some things:


  • Make use of art soft pastel chalk. Oil-based chalks will tarnish your hair. Chalkboard chalk or sidewalk chalk will not stick to your hair.
  • Apply the chalk to dry hair if your hair is blonde. If you make it wet and then apply chalk, it will stain the hair, because addition of water to plain pigment forms a real dye.
  • If your hair is dark, you will have to wet it a little before applying the chalk. That will help the color to show up on the darker hair. Spray a little water on the strand and apply chalk. Repeat for each strand. Dark hair has no fear of staining.
  • If you have got a red head, first try without water and if the color doesn’t show up, add a little water. Depending on the intensity of redness of your hair, the color will or will not show up easily.
  • After chalking, brush out extra chalk from each strand.
  • While applying chalk to hair, wear gloves and towel or smock to avoid stains on skin. Also chalk can chip off while it is in the hair; therefore it is wise to wear clothes of similar color to the chalk color.
  • If you are ready to spend a little more, there are brands available in the market which cost $4 per chalk, whose coloring is excellent than the normal cheap pastels.
  • Up-do’s are best when you chalk your hair. It gives minimum incidents of dusting down of the chalk.
  • Don’t chalk the hair very often and when you do, wash it out at the end of the day. Chalk tends to suck up a lot of moisture from your hair, so it is necessary to wash it out thoroughly. After shampooing DO condition the hair to replenish the moisture which has been taken away by the chalk.



Thus, if you take due care, you can have fun with hair chalking, the easy and economical hair color!

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