Kim Kardashian Shoedazzle Shoes

So if you haven’t heard the queen of glam, Kim Kardashian, now has a shoe club called Shoe Dazzle.  The idea is to bring fabulous fashionable shoes to the masses at affordable prices.  Each shoe in the collection is a mere $39.99 with free shipping.


The shoes are extremely fashionable and are available in many different styles.Shoe Dazzle operates mostly as a shoe of the month club basically; however you are not required to buy a pair each month.  The way it works is you start by creating a membership.  Creating a membership is a little more in depth than setting up a username and password.  Instead you are walked through 4-5 pages of questions that basically show you different styles and brands side by side to see which you like best.  This information is used to get shoes in front of you each month that you are the most likely to like and hopefully buy.  Once you have finished your fashion survey, which is pretty painless you will enter your information as well as put a credit card on file for shoe purchases.  Nothing is charged to you at this time.  Once you get logged in you will see your first pair of suggested shoes and can decide to buy or not.Every month after that you will have a special pair of shoes recommended for you based on your tastes and you just simply say yes or no.  If you say no, you just move on and get a new suggestion next month.  If you say yes, the shoes are shipped and you are charged $39.99 to the credit card you put on file and there is no shipping charge.I have to say, I think she has a good thing here.  Every woman loves shoes…and even more every women loves high quality fashionable shoes for under $40!  If you are shoe lover I seriously recommend you become a member…I have no doubt you will end up finding shoes you can’t live without for a very reasonable price.To start your fashion survey and get signed up click here and remember it does not cost anything to register only when you actually decide to purchase a pair of shoes.Could Kim K become the next shoe guru a’la Jessica Simpson? Get ready for a major ShoeDazzle expansion thanks to this new venture!When it comes to selling affordable accessories, no one has the market cornered quite like Jessica Simpson, but it looks like there’s another star who seems to have found her niche, at least in the digital arena. When most people think of Kim Kardashian I’m sure her reality show, famous figure, and even her fragrances come to mind — but she’s also behind, the accessible site with over 3 million subscribers that offers shoppers cute shoes and accessories for a mere $39.95. WWD announced today that the affordable shoe site run by Kim and her business partner, Brian Lee, is planning a major expansion thanks to a $40 million investment from venture captial firm Andreessen Horowitz.Lee, chief executive officer and co-founder of ShoeDazzle, said the funding will lead to major expansion — both internationally and into new categories. “We are launching in the U. K. in the next couple of months,” he told WWD, adding that plans to reach Asia by the end of the year and South America after that are also in the works.While Andreessen Horowitz has also invested in Facebook, Foursquare, Groupon, Skype and Twitter, John O’Farrell, general partner at the firm said, “ShoeDazzle is the first vertical e-commerce business we’ve invested in.” So what brought on the deal? Apparently the firm was attracted by the way ShoeDazzle uses social media and its subscription model — which is actually a first for the Web and guarantees regular income every month.So, what does this all mean? Well, you can expect to see a whole lot more from ShoeDazzle (more shoes, handbags, jewelry, and celebrity collaborations) for one, while Kim K continues to expand her ever-growing empire.


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  3. Love love your shoes . Unfortunately I can’t wear. 4 inch and over. Will you ever make lower heels and beautiful flats? I love the pumps, the sandals they are gogeous but can’t wear that high.

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