Long Lasting Makeup For All Skins

Long lasting makeup is something that all makeup wearing women yearn for, but it is often hard to achieve. Many women find themselves reapplying their makeup throughout the day which is not only a waste of time, but a waste of money as well. These tips for longer lasting makeup will save women both time and money and keep them looking their best throughout the day.

Tips for Long Lasting Foundation

Foundation is always one of the first cosmetic products to wear off. These tips will show women how to make their foundation last longer. Exfoliate – Exfoliation will create a smooth base on the skin for the application of foundation which will help it last longer. Use a makeup Primer – These are made to increase the longevity of makeup.
Apply foundation after moisturizer or primer has dried – The greasiness of wet moisturizer will cause the foundation to wear off faster then if it were dry. Set foundation with powder – The powder may wear off, but the foundation shouldn’t and reapplying powder is much quicker the reapplying an entire face of makeup.

Tips for Long Lasting Blush

Blush gives a face shape and definition and it should not wear off during the day.
Use a cream blush – Cream blushes have much better staying power then powder ones do and usually look more natural.
Set with a powder blush – Using two types of blushes will double the longevity of its application. Try to find two blushes that are almost the same color or that mix well together.
Tips for Long Lasting Eye Makeup

Combat smudged eye makeup with these tips.
Use an eye shadow primer – Once again, primers are made especially to make makeup last longer. The eye shadow primer will help eye shadow stick to the eye.
Use cream eye shadow – Cream eye shadow works much like cream blush and has good staying power. Cream shadow can also be set with powder shadow.
Use liquid eyeliner – Liquid liner is much harder to smudge then pencil liner and thus, lasts much longer.
Use waterproof mascara – Waterproof mascara lasts longer then regular mascara and is less likely to smudge.
Tips for Long Lasting Lip Color

Lip color is constantly in need of reapplication. These tips will cut that reapplication time down.
Prep the lips with lip balm – Prep the lips with a very light layer of lip balm. This will make the lip color look better throughout the day.
Set with powder – Lightly dust the lips with powder to make the lip balm not so greasy.Apply a light layer of lip liner – Applying a light layer of lip liner over the whole lip will help lipstick stay on longer.

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