Bronzer Makeup For Every Skin Toon

Bronzer Makeup is for everyone. Whether you have the deepest brown complexion or skin like alabaster, bronzer is a makeup bag must have. You can wear it all year round BUT in the summer, If you’re looking for a sun-kissed glow or a tan without the skin damage, there’s a bronzer for every need, complexion and budget.


With a light hand and a flat brush or stippling brush, I apply the bronzer to the top my cheekbones. (Start off sparingly. It’s easier to add bronzer later as opposed to wiping off a heavy-handed application)

Then, I take some of the excess bronzer and apply it to the bridge of my nose.
Lastly, I apply the remainder of the excess to my chin. (without bangs, I’d also apply the excess to my forehead)

This bronzer application gives a radiant look. It also creates the illusion of the sun hitting your face – the sought after sun-kissed glow. On shoulder-baring days, sweep bronzer on your collarbone for added glow.

There are liquid bronzers, powder bronzers, dark bronzers and illuminating bronzers. You can wear a matte bronzer or opt for a baked bronzer that will add dimension to your dewy look. Are you ready to look like a bronzed goddess this summer? Check out my bronzer picks for every need & budget.


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