New Years Parties on a Budget

With the way the economy is right now, it may be tempting to cancel your traditional New Year celebrations. However, during difficult times, it is extremely important to hold on to traditions and keep up your spirits.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, you might want to check out websites like to see if there is any way you could possibly lower your expenses. These kinds of websites have multiple tools that exist to help you figure out how to spend less and save more.


If you must work within a budget, you can still have fun celebrating the night away on New Year’s Eve. With careful planning and the right attitude, you and your guests will barely notice the lower party budget.

When it comes to New Year parties, the biggest expense is probably the food and drinks. Traditional New Year foods are a bit pricey. It is not uncommon for people to serve skewers of steak and shrimp to their guests.


You Don’t Need To Spend a Fortune


There are many solutions to this problem. One of the easiest solutions is to have every guest bring a dish or an appetizer. If everyone brings $10 worth of food, there will be plenty of food for the whole party.

Another idea is to make cheap appetizers and skip out on a main course. Chop up some fresh fruit and supply caramel dip. Melt Velveeta cheese and mix it with a couple of cans of salsa or broccoli and sausage. Provide tortilla chips for dipping.


Pasta can also be an extremely cheap option. Consider making a huge batch of spaghetti and let everyone serve themselves.

Chili is also a reliable, cheap dish. Shredded cheese, beans, ground beef, tomatoes and chili mix are generally cheap. Chili works wonderfully as a comfort food, but it is also perfect for parties.


If you live in a warmer state, consider having a bonfire party. Allow your guests to roast hotdogs and marshmallows. Celebrate while cuddling up next to the fire and singing campfire songs.


What about the Booze?

Since New Year is traditionally a holiday associated with drinking alcohol, wine and spirits are probably tied with food as far as expenses go.


As with food, the best way to cut down on alcohol expenses is to have your guests bring along a bottle of their favorite drink to share. B.Y.O.B. or Bring Your Own Beer parties are completely acceptable for New Year.


Another option is to create a drink that has low alcohol content. Create blended drinks that have cheap syrup and lots and lots of ice.


You could also set out a bowl of spiked punch. You will only need to purchase one or two small bottles of liquor and three or four containers of punch. Ginger ale also goes well with most spirits.

A delicious and fun option is to mix together ginger ale and your favorite liquor together in a punch bowl. Then, add a couple of scoops of fruity sorbet or sherbet to the mixture.


This will create a foamy, colorful drink that is both delicious and visually appealing. Place a ladle or two in the bowl and set a stack of small party cups nearby. Even if the mixture contains cheap spirits or low alcohol content, your guests will be perfectly satisfied.


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