Fashion 101: When to Wear Pajamas

No matter what you were led to believe, there was never a time in fashion history where someone became a trend-setter by wearing pajamas in public. Yes, it may have become a common occurrence, but in all honesty, these people aren’t fashionable, but lazy. Yes, lazy. Okay, so they do manage to wear pajamas that match and that probably took some sort of effort, but still. Oh and now men have gotten in on the act too. Now, come on Men stealing “fashion” secrets from women? That is so 1980s. If you must wear pajamas here are a few cases where it is and is not acceptable.

Don’t Wear Pajamas to Walmart

You certainly won’t set any fashion trends wearing pajamas to Walmart. Heck, half the people that shop there now sport their pajamas to the store. It’s almost as if the customers have been given a dress code and must sport their pjs through the aisles. Oh and they get extra points if the pajamas barely fit and their bellies are sticking out. Seriously, don’t become one of these fashion don’ts.

Do Wear Pajamas to the Big Game

How else are you going to show the world your awesome, licensed pajamas? Yes, it might be a bit chilly, but you’ll be styling in your favorite team’s matching fleece pants and top. Add a team licensed Snuggie and you’re all set for the big game.


Don’t Wear Pajamas to Work on Friday

No, when your boss said that Friday was a casual day, he didn’t mean that you could wear pajamas. Yes, they are a beautiful jewel tone and look great with your high heels, but unless you’re trying to casually pick up your belongings and exit the building, you should leave your pajamas at home.

Do Wear Pajamas When Working From Home

Speaking of home, it is perfectly acceptable to wear pajamas while working from home. In fact, it’s an unwritten law. Those working from home are not allowed to wear anything professional and may even wear pajamas that are mismatched or a bit holey. Embrace working from home and stay in your pjs all day long.


In all seriousness, pajamas are comfortable and while there are a number of people wearing them in public, that doesn’t mean you should. Remember, while it may be sad, we live in a world where we are judged by our appearance. No one is going to care if you have a master’s degree in chemistry if you’re wearing pajamas to a meeting.

About the Author: Errol Tolin loves wearing pajamas at work – but he works from home. Make sure you double check your attire before you walk out of your house. You never know who you might (fail to) impress.

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