7 Top Super Foods For Your Diet

You’re not stupid; you know what’s healthy and what’s not. If someone plunks a pizza down in front of you and a salad it doesn’t take a genius to pick the healthy option. The confusion comes from picking the best of the healthy foods so here are 7 foods you need to have in your diet.



Salmon isn’t exactly the cheapest fish on the market but it’s one of the most popular. It has a great flavour, it’s really easy to cook and it’s really good for you. It’s high in protein which means you can feel full without the need for carbs and starch. Spritz some lemon and orange juice, a few pine nuts and a sprig of parsley, wrap it in foil and bake in a medium over until it’s a light pink all the way through.



Most dark berries are very good for you because they’re full of antioxidants which many people believe can help slow down the signs of aging. They’re also full of vitamin C too which can help strengthen immune systems and keep you healthy. Blueberries can be naturally sweet so you can easily enjoy them as a snack by themselves or try mixing them with some natural honey and yogurt and having them over muesli in the morning.



Spinach may not be everyone’s idea of a yummy snack but dark green vegetables are very rich iron and they’re advised for women who are trying to get pregnant as they’re also a great source of folic acid. Throw a couple of handfuls of spinach into a frying pan and tossing in some Worcestershire source and some sesame seeds and you’ll create an amazing flavour sure to satisfy anyone not keen on their greens.


Brown Rice

White rice and pasta can be very filling but they’re also full of starches and if you don’t move about very much your body might struggle to burn them off. Brown or wholemeal rice and pasta is a great alternative, they’re full of fibre and contain resistant starch which is much better for your digestion. Mix a tin of tuna and some sweet corn into your brown rice and you’ve got a delicious snack that’s healthy and full of flavour.


Red Wine

You’d have to be pretty dense to think that drinking too much is actually good for you but if you do enjoy the odd tipple once in a while then red wine is the best thing you could be drinking. Like the berries, it’s full of antioxidants and it contains resveratrol which has been proven to help the brain and memory.  A truly good glass of red wine should simply be enjoyed by itself in a proper red wine glass after it’s had time to breath.



Bananas are often thought of as one of the more fattening fruits but if you think about it, that’s a pretty stupid notion. If you’ve got two choices for a snack and it’s between a chocolate bar and a banana, it’s not hard to pick the healthy one. Bananas are a great source of potassium and it’s going to leave you feeling fuller than an apple or orange. Try blending a couple of bananas with a cup of milk for a delicious milkshake.


Dark Chocolate

You’re never going to be able to chow down on a slab of white chocolate and call it healthy but real dark chocolate is actually pretty good for you. It’s only when we start adding milk and sugars that chocolate starts to be bad. Unfortunately, it’s all those sugars that make it so sweet and addictive, natural dark chocolate is actually quit bitter but a little now and then can help curb that craving.


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