British Actress Rachel Hurd Wood Hairstyles

She has those beautiful red straights and curls and been in many period pieces. It was so hard to choose among the many pictures of her!Rachel Clare Hurd-Wood (born 17 August 1990) is a British actress.

Rachel Hurd Wood Filmy Hairstyle


When she was younger, she was jealous of the Wendy character in the Disney film Peter Pan (1953), because that Wendy got to swordfight and fly.She enjoys ice skating, art and listening to rap and hip-hop music. She found out about the role of Wendy in Peter Pan (2003) after her grandparents saw an advert on television. They contacted Rachel’s mother and when she came home from school one day her mother started measuring her, when she found Rachel was in the height requirements, she said Rachel could audition. Lives in a cottage at the edge of a forest with her parents and brother in Godalming, Surrey, England


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