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Choosing the Best Bridal Shoes

Everything concerning your big day requires meticulous care and planning. It follows therefore that a perfect wedding dress needs matching with perfect bridal shoes to go with it. As such, these require a lot of thought and care before buying. They need to be comfortable to walk around in and have a gorgeous appearance, thus blending beauty with comfort.

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10 Unconventional Wedding Ideas

1. Drive thru wedding:

Groom: (pulls up to McDonald’s drive thru window) Yes, I would like a wife to-go, hold the mayo, heavy on the ketchup.

Employee: Would you like a side of fries with that?

McDonald’s has done it again!  Whether you want to call it a great marketing scheme or a silly one, couples in China are now able to get married at McDonalds.  Bet you didn’t know how great those buns looked with that dress.

2. Think of my dress as a windshield:

Don’t get me wrong, Oscar de la Renta makes absolutely stunning dresses, but that’s up for debate with their Spring 2011 collection incorporating…insects.  Well now that you mentioned it, those beetles really do bring out a nice touch to your overall bridal look!

3. Who needs a normal cake when you can have a PORK cake?

For all Epic Mealtime fans, if you’re planning a wedding, plan on getting one of these bad boys.  Having an unconventional cake is becoming more and more common.  In countries like Japan, sushi cakes are popular.

4. For all you Twilight fans:

Love vampires?  Better question is, who doesn’t?  Well now you can extend your obsession with Edward and Bella by reenacting their own wedding.   Be the ultimate fan by living out the Twilight dream with your own wedding.

5. Hello Kitty, need I say more:

Hello Kitty has become a common household item.  You can literally have anything in your house, in your car, in your office Hello-Kittified.  So why does the idea of having a Hello Kitty wedding seem so…exotic?

6. I do in an Igloo:

How cool would it be to exchange your vows and diamond wedding bands in an igloo?  Just imagine the stories you have to tell to your children and grandchildren.  That should be enough incentive for you to host your wedding in an igloo.

7. One wedding, two bridal gowns:

Many same sex couples are defying stereotypes by having both women wear bridal gowns.  You can defy traditions and spend quality time together by picking out your wedding gowns together!

8. Taking geeky to a whole new level:

These couples are incorporating gaming into your wedding.  And you thought you were an avid gamer.  From the cake to the outfits, these gamers mean serious business.

9. We like to wear black:

Remember the good old gothic days of high school? Well picture that, but with adults getting married.

10. Your dress looks scrumptious:

I could eat your dress up…literally.  Designer Juan Manuel Barrientos made an edible bridal gown, just in case the groom gets hungry.

Emily frequently writes for Eternity Wedding Band blog where we discuss all the different types of bands such as milgrain wedding band, diamond wedding band, and so forth.  She hopes you found this article entertaining; maybe even get an idea in or two!