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Dizzy Hot Summer Nail Art Ideas

Make sure your manicure pops by experimenting with a cool and rich color palette together with eye-catching prints.Put on your hot season look and pay special attention to the tiniest beauty fixes to polish your appearance. Start with your manicure and draw some inspiration from the sunny-season easy and sexy  nail art ideas below.Lauren from DizzyNails knows how to keep all beauty kittens on their toes. Swap your plain nails for statement accessories following the patterns offered by this talented beauty blogger.

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Spring Ultra Glam Romantic Nail Art

Spoil the fashionista in you and sport some of the gorgeous nail art ideas 2011. These unique designs will keep your manicure up-to-the-minute with the newest trends and nail painting techniques used by some of the most visionary artists of the time. Choose shades and additional accessories with great care to guarantee the success of your nail job.If you’re a fan of fluff and fancy accessories sure you’ll need some inspiration for your next manicure that should mirror your personality.

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