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5 Great British Fashion Designers

The fashion industry in United Kingdom had always been successful in creating a wide array of fashionable clothing line that is recognised all around the world. This success goes to the hardworking British designers who put their creative ideas into a reality. With the country teeming with the most talented fashion designers, taking a pick as to who is the greatest is definitely not an easy task. Below is a list of the top 5 British Fashion designers who made a mark in the fashion world.

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A Material Presence: Fashion Trends Then and Now

For all intents and purposes, we wear clothing to cover up the bits we don’t want to be seen; we use it to keep warm in the winter; we use them to keep our feet cool in the summer or shade our faces when we’re out in the sun. It can keep our hands, feet and necks warm. All in all, there is a lot on our bodies that we need to cover (or add least pretend we’re covering). And it is through this necessity. But surely, if you’re going to be wearing something on your very person, you will wear something that suites your shape, or matches your eyes, or has a pretty pattern or cool picture.

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4 Fantastic London Hair Salons to Get Your New Year Hair

The UK is full of good, reputable hair salons, whose hair professionals will give you the style and look that complements your very special panache. New Year Eve is fast approching and you will want to look stunning here are four hair salons that are absolutely fantastic and have cutting edge hair cuts that will see you into 2012 in style:

1. Andrew Barton Salon:

Andrew Barton Salon is a premier salon in the Covent Garden area that is leaps ahead of the others. Andrew Barton has built up a team of stylists that have pioneered the technique of colour paneling, blushing and monochromatic or one-color blondes, brunettes and redheads. Even though Andrew Barton is a celeb in his own right, he spends two days a week overseeing his shoppe and chatting with clients. This salon is noted for its all-over cut, colour and finish transformation. It is well worth your while and easy on your pocketbook.


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