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Treatments For Acne and Oily Skin

Oily skin can result in acne due to the fact that the pores in the skin are producing excess amounts of sebum, literally blocking them up and trapping dirt and bacteria in the process. Bacteria = infections = spots!

This can then cause guys and girls alike to become insecure about their skin and the way they look and therefore, potentially leading to low self-esteem and poor self-confidence. No one should have to feel that way due to a few spots, so here is my guide to getting rid of them once and for all!

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5 Ways to Keep Motivated

Motivation is a powerful tool that can make even the faint of heart achieve the greatest things. However; motivation is not so easily attained. Some strive to become motivated, while others give up trying to become motivated.

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5 Tips for Healthier Living

Living a healthy life can lead to more energy, a happier existence and even weight loss. It is not as hard to live healthy as many people try to make it out to be. All you need it is a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine. Of course, if you have children, a job and many obligations, as most people do, it becomes difficult to stick to a diet and maintain an exercise regimen.

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, healthy living must be a priority. This can keep you out of the hospital and can help you live an active life. If you want to make the most out of your life, you need to find a routine that works for you. Here are a few tips to help you live a happier and healthier life.

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Top 5 Benefits of Green Tea

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After years of research, scientists and doctors have found that green tea is beneficial to our health. The top five benefits are related to the antioxidants in the tea. They work in the prevention of cancer, heart attack, stroke, and for those who have rheumatoid arthritis. One or two cups a day are recommended to lower cholesterol levels, to kill rapidly growing cells that cause cancer and even to help relieve pain in the joints.

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5 All Natural Skin Care Options

Having problem skin isn’t an easy thing to go through. It’s not just about the way you look, it can be a financial strain as well. Every year, people spend thousands of dollars on products and creams, some of which don’t even work! In some cases, all of these chemical compounds with unnatural ingredients can eventually take a toll on your skin. Creams designed to get rid of blemishes can have the opposite effect if you’re not careful, or if you apply them too much. Sometimes it’s better just to let your skin breathe while using natural products that won’t aggravate the situation. You’ll find that when it comes to skin care, regular natural treatment is far better than bombarding your skin with chemicals at the same time. Here are some of the best natural products that will help to keep your skin feeling great and looking healthy.

Aloe Vera – this is one of the most popular natural elements that can help to bolster the strength of your skin. If you take a look at your hand creams or facial lotions, there’s a good chance it contains Aloe vera already. This is something you can grow on your own, and there are a variety of forms you can use with different extraction techniques. You can even snap off a few leaves off an Aloe vera plant and use them to sooth a rash or burn.

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Understanding Your Skin

Before you can start caring for your skin properly, you need to understand what type of skin you have. Your skin is determined by how much oil is in your skin. Genes, diet, skin treatments and stress all play a role this oil production. Here are five common skin types and their characteristics that you can identify with:


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How to Eat Better Without Much Effort

With the demands of work, family and other obligations, it can be hard to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Few people can argue with the health benefits of eating better, but many people consider eating better an undesirable chore. However, it does not have to be a laborious task. Changing a few things in your routine can result in you eating much better without much effort.

One Swap a Day

An easy way to eat better is to make one swap a day. For example, you can swap a cup of coffee for some herbal tea or a sugary snack for a piece of fruit. The one swap a day method allows you to eat healthier without giving up everything you love in a single day. The more you swap one less healthy food or drink for a healthier one, the more it becomes part of your lifestyle.

Fresh Juice and Smoothies

Healthy eating requires individuals to eat a certain amount of fruits and vegetables. However, for most people who are on the go all the time, it is difficult to get in those required amounts. An alternate way to get the fruits and vegetables you need is to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. You can either make them at home or buy them at a juice bar or smoothie shop. A great thing about juices and smoothies is not only do they taste great, but you can take them with you wherever you go.


Eat Breakfast

Time is certainly a constrained resource. It is easy to grab a cup of coffee on the way to the office and not eat anything until lunch time. Many health professionals consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast gives you the energy needed to tackle the day, helps you control your weight and supplies you with many essential nutrients for a healthy body. Taking a little time to eat breakfast before starting your day can put you on the path toward eating better. Breakfast does not have to be a full course meal that takes an hour to cook. Eating an omelet, whole-grain cereal, oatmeal, yogurt or drinking a fruit smoothie can provide you with the nutrients you need.


Control Your Portions

Another way to eat better without much effort is to eat controlled portions of food. For example, instead of eating two large meals a day, it is better for you to eat several smaller meals throughout the day. Eating controlled portions helps to stabilize your metabolism. For some people, eating is simply a habit. Try to avoid eating when you are not hungry. This will help you maintain your appropriate weight and an overall healthier lifestyle. It is also important to eat your food slowly and chew thoroughly. Slowing down a little bit while eating can help you digest your food better, reduce your appetite and help you enjoy your food more.


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The Top Health Benefits Of A Plant Based Diet

Plant based diets are becoming more and more popular because people are more health conscious now than they used to be. Some people choose to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet so they can lose weight. Others do it for moral reasons when if they feel it is wrong to kill animals for food. Some choose to eliminate animal foods to improve their health. So what are the health benefits of a plant based diet?

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The Best Foods and Beverages for Good Skin

There has always been mixed information when it comes to how food affects your skin. You probably remember your mother telling you that eating chocolate can cause pimples. Or maybe you’ve always avoided oily foods for the same reason. Recent studies show there is no direct correlation between chocolate or oily foods and acne breakouts. And yet the same experts will tell you that food matters when it comes to the look and feel of your skin. It’s a confusing situation – and it’s different for everyone.


You might even be a person who swears that every time you eat chocolate, your skin breaks out the next morning. This might be more of an allergic reaction than anything related to acne. But if skin can react negatively, it can react positively as well. You can use this fact to your advantage by loading up on foods that will benefit your face.

Salmon – this is one of the healthiest foods you can eat, and it’s also a tasty treat. Salmon is loaded in omega-3 fatty acids which helps to lower cholesterol and boost the strength of your skin cells. It makes your skin more resilient to damage and the walls themselves thicker. This helps to contain acne breakouts and potentially curb the formation of scars. And best of all, it really tastes great! There are lots of variations you can put together quite simply with creative flavoring thanks to herbs and natural ingredients.


Foods with Fiber – your doctor has probably already told you to get more fiber into your system. Now you have even one more reason because it can help with the look of your skin. Fiber is able to absorb excess oil in your system, and this helps to lower cholesterol as well. It keeps your body functioning at an even pace which can balance your internal chemistry. This is important if you happen to be going through hormonal changes that can impact oil production on your face.



Vegetables – you’re probably getting a general hint of how things work now. Basically, foods that are traditionally associated with being healthy are good for your skin as well. That’s because they don’t add extra elements like fat or sodium into your system. Vegetables are a prime example of something that helps to regulate your body rather than throwing it out of whack. Vegetables like tomatoes also are a great source of antioxidants which can reduce free radical build up in your skin cells.


Green Tea – this is a great beverage that can help your body on a variety of levels. From a stress perspective, green tea helps to calm yourself some at the end of a hard day. This plays a big role in helping to keep your skin healthy because stress anxiety can wreak havoc if you’re not careful. It also happens to be a great source of antioxidants which help to cleanse your system on a more regular basis.



Water – it doesn’t get much simpler than this, and nothing is quite as effective either. Water is the basic element your body needs to function at a normal pace. Without it, you can feel dehydrated and your energy levels can suffer. This is bad news for your face because having dry skin is just as bad in many cases as having oily skin. The solution is simple, and all you have to do is drink enough water to keep your body and skin hydrated on a daily basis.



Good skin is often something you have to fight for. Finding out the right information and becoming educated is one of the keys, and you can look here for more advice on how to get rid of acne.