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The Little Black Dress – Always a Classy Look

Nothing spells class, elegance, and eternal style more than the timeless little black dress (fondly called the LBD). Just throw in the right accessories, shoes, and hairstyle, and you can never go wrong with wearing a LBD in almost any occasion. It is so versatile that you can wear it with a tailored jacket during the day at work and rock it all by itself during your night out with friends. A lot of fashion experts recommend the LBD as a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe basics.

LBD For Everyone

The great thing about LBDs is that anyone can wear them: whether you’re on the thin or heavy side, there’s always a LBD that will perfectly complement your best features.

Here are quick tips on what LBD style suits each body type:

1. Thin – The most flattering style for the thin-figured woman is to wear a LBD that has more texture such as ruffles, statement sleeves, and a cinched waistline to give the illusion of a curvaceous figure. Layered LBDs also suit the thin-framed as the design adds more volume to the body.


2. Tall – Tall-framed women can effortlessly get away with wearing floor-sweeping LBDs that run the length from their necks down to their ankles. A maxi-styled LBD suit tall women as this beautifully highlights the elongated figure and makes them appear slimmer and more slender.


3. Petite – LBDs that do not go below the knee are what suits petite women best. Short LBDs will give you the illusion of longer legs, so choose a dress that end midway toward or just above your knee. For petite women, LBDs with fringes or ruffles add drama to your overall look–however, do not choose added frills that are too heavy and big (such as big ribbons and large sleeves) so as not to overwhelm your small frame.


4. Curvy Hips – If you’ve got it, flaunt it, as they say. Pick a LBD that’s figure-hugging in order to accentuate the curves of your hips. Choose dresses in stretchy and light fabric since these types of fabric are what cling on to the body the most, as opposed to heavy cloth.


5. Wide Waist – If you have a wide waist, you can easily disguise it with a LBD that cinches just below the chest area (more like an empire-cut) or a LBD that has a flowy skirt. Or, you can also opt for those dresses that have drop waist designs—this cut perfectly disguises a thick waist with you still looking elegant and classy.



6. Flabby Arms – Who says you can’t rock a LBD just because you have heavy arms? You can still get away with wearing this timeless dress by adding flimsy and sheer sleeves to your outfit. Add sexy touches to your main dress by choosing a lower neckline perhaps, and drape your sheer fabric over your shoulders and let it flow just below your elbow level for that mysterious, elegant look.


7. Big Bust – You wouldn’t want to wear a dress that makes you look like you are going to tip over. It is always sexy to accentuate a big bust without actually revealing too much. You can do this by wearing turtle-neck LBDs with the upper part ending in stitches or a belt just below the chest area. You can also draw attention away from your full bust and showcase your legs in a short LBD, for instance. Subtle highlighting is always classy.


8. Small Bust – Not too worry if you have a small bust—it is actually those women with smaller bust who gets the better fit for a wide variety of dresses. If you want to put more volume on your bust area, pick LBDs with a busy texture around the chest area such as embellishments, ribbons, brooches, or simple ruffles.


9. Too Thin/Too Heavy Legs – Draw attention away from your legs by wearing a LBD that drops midway down toward your ankle. Accentuate your other assets such as arms and neck by wearing LBD cuts that reveal these parts of your body. Complete your look by wearing killer pumps that will attrack attention away from your legs and toward your shoes.



With the right kind of LBD for your body type, you are well on your way to gracefully and effortlessly wearing the eternally trendy LBDs no matter what occasion you find yourself in. After all, the little black dress has been around since the 1920s–and will surely be around for the next several decades to come.

Janice Johnson is a published book and magazine writer for both online and print media like “kleitas“. She has written articles on a wide range of topics, including fashion shopping, relationships, work ethics, beauty solutions, and mental health.

How to be a Fashion Designer

Fashion is a global business that is both stimulating and challenging. It comprises design, textiles, trends, technology, marketing and retail. Throughout the world, fashion designers influence the way people look, from luxury clothing and accessories to everyday apparel found on the high street.

There are a number of routes to becoming a fashion designer. Vera Wang began her career as a fashion editor. However, designing her own wedding dress was the impetus to opening a bridal shop and the subsequent launch of her own collection. Alexander McQueen made dresses for his sisters before becoming an apprentice for a tailor in Saville Row.

Nowadays, the best foundation for a career in design is to undertake a course in fashion.

Fashion Courses

After A levels, foundation courses in Art and Design, Textiles or Fashion provide a good grounding in the major areas of the industry before applying for a degree course.

There are over 300 degree courses in fashion in the UK. Degree titles range from Fashion Buying and Merchandising to Fashion Design Management, with a myriad others in between.

On most courses you can expect to cover such areas as sketching and illustration, pattern cutting, sourcing and sampling, construction and textiles. You will develop technical skills needed to work with different materials. An understanding of technology will allow you to appreciate how your designs will be made, and knowledge of designing software such as CAD programs are essential.

Most degree courses last for three years and many organise a placement in the fashion industry between the second and third years. This will provide invaluable work experience and is an opportunity to start building up contacts.

As design courses are practical in nature, students get plenty of opportunities to take part in competitions and fashion shows. It is important to keep a record of your best sketches and designs and develop a portfolio. Employers look for someone who is innovative and with a keen eye for detail. A creative portfolio can provide evidence of these qualities.

Career Path

Whether your ultimate aim is to work for a mass-market clothing manufacturer or for a top fashion house such as Dior, you will probably start your career as a design assistant.

Typical duties include sourcing and chasing samples and making up sample cards. With experience will come the opportunity to suggest design ideas and make up mood boards. Eventually, you could end up assisting with the development of a range.

The world of fashion designing is very competitive. However, with creativity, hard work, and a passion for clothes, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

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Jackie O’s Fashion Legacy Lives On in 2011-2012

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was one of the most iconic women in history and is known for her understated elegance and style. Although she was an icon who lived decades ago, her sense of style is still appreciated by modern women all over the world. First Lady Michelle Obama has been photographed in Jackie O inspired clothing as well as the First Lady of France, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. If you are looking to add a touch of presidential elegance to your wardrobe, try incorporating some of the signature styles that made Jackie O an unforgettable fashion icon.

About Jackie O

Born Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, but known as Jackie O to fashionistas around the world, Jacqueline was the wife of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. As one of the youngest First Ladies in U.S. history, Jackie made her mark establishing herself as a fashion-forward socialite and as a representative for women of the west.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward: What Your Shoe Selection Says About You

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love shoes? Whether you have piles upon piles of shoe boxes stacked up in your closet, or you have just a few pairs that you wear over and over again until they’re completely worn through, chances are, you’re like the millions of other Americans that have slight shoe fetishes.

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Is Your Wardrobe Prepared for a Real Winter?

It may not be as cold as last year so far, but the chances are it is still going to be a bad winter and if your wardrobe is not prepared then you could get caught short…

So let’s pretend for the next few minutes that it will actually be a terrible winter; the snow from last year will pale into insignificance compared to this year, all roads and rails will be closed, no flights will be going anywhere, water, electricity and eventually gas will be cut off and you will quickly find yourself getting very very cold.

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Five Must Have Winter Fashion Accessories

Fashion trends come and go and often times you have buyer’s remorse about many of your purchases. You realize that you never quite had a need for that Native American-style poncho or that top with the ugly, bold stripes. With this, it becomes difficult to keep up with the trends and still have your own unique style. A great way to still be trendy but keep your edge is upgrade your accessories instead of your wardrobe.


1. Jewelry is a great way to switch an outfit from casual to dressy in an instant and can make an old look into something new. That’s why jewelry is a great place to start this season. Winter 2011 brings bold looks back in style. Think chunky bracelets, large earrings, both long and collar necklaces, and rings. Bracelets should be form fitting and sit at the wrist. They can be decorated with accents like beads or jewels but something can always be said for a plain gold cuff.

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