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Adriana Lima Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Photoshoot

Adriana Lima Victorias Secret Lingerie Photoshoot This time, I’ll have to blame Adriana Lima,whose sextastic new photoshoot for the lingerie brand is simply compelling me to hit my V.S. speed dial and ask for ‘everything’.It’s really unfair if you think about it, between how ridiculously sexy Adriana Lima looks in bras and panties, and my completely weak will, there’s little in the way of resistance.

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The Most Ridiculously Expensive Diamond Studded Masterpiece Bra Wearing By Adriana Lima

This remarkable bra costs “only” 2 million bucks. It’s no surprise that honor of wearing it has no one else than one of the most beautiful girls in the world, Adriana Lima. If anyone wants to impress his future wife, than this is a present for that. Maybe the price is a little bigger, but for true love… 😀
The beautiful buxom Brazilian was spotted in the Victoria’s Secret flagship store in Soho, possibly for some sort of PR event. She abruptly left the store but nevertheless gave the public an eyeful by flashing her perfectly shaped breasts encased in a diamond studded masterpiece. The bra she was wearing was valued at a cool $2 million, and thanks to her custom made dress which exposed her entire chest, this ridiculously expensive bra was on display. We we’re able to get these pictures of the lovely Miss Lima courtesy of BroBible.

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