World’s First Weight Loss Perfume – Prends-Moi


Forget about painful diets and grueling exercise, from now on all you have to do to lose weight is spray on a little perfume. The magic fragrance is called Prends-Moi and is said to contain beta-endorphins that reduce the urge to overeat.


Developed by the French perfume house Robertet, the Veld’s Prends-Moi slimming fragrance was launched last year, but only recently made its debut on the English market, where women welcomed it with open arms.



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  1. This is THE most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! No wonder people are confuse when it comes to weight loss..THE only way to lose effectively is by having concern for 3 elements: 1.supportive nutrition, 2.aerobic exercise, 3. strength training exercise.

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