Guilty Gucci Perfume for women Look Sensational

Gucci is a top name in the designer fashion world.  They are responsible for designer a number of high end products that make one look sensational.  They make fragrances that make women smell like a hot apple pie coming out of your grandmother’s stove.


Gucci perfumes are designed to make women smell super sexy and attractive.  So one gets all fixed up, they can top it off with an amazing Gucci perfume scent.

Most of the Gucci perfumes cost about fifty dollars or so depending on where you shop.  SO when you do eventually meet up with your date wearing Gucci perfume, you know you will have this guy in your back pocket because the scent you give of is irresistible.  Gucci perfume will make you smell great and will makes guys cringe to their knees in delight.

In 2010, Gucci continues their annually creation of perfume and put forward the Gucci Guilty Perfume, which is an extraordinary and sophisticated fragrance long-lastingly with sensual ingredients and sexy flair.
Featuring an interlocking ‘G’ on the bottle, the design is so fashionable and modern.Guilty Perfume for Women by Gucci is a sweet floral fragrance which sends extreme sensuality and sexiness that seem to be irresistible. In the top notes, there is a soft hint of lilac, then fruity notes of mandarin, peach and pink pepper come in different layers. When the fragrance is melting with your skin, it would lead you to the sexy heaven.

In January, 2011, Gucci released their new version of men’s fragrance which is named as Guilty Pour Homme Cologne Fragrance. This new perfume would send a new perspective to the fragrance world for men who love and pursuing Gucci perfumes.The top notes combine lavender, pink pepper and lemon. The composition of notes will be alluring. The heart is composed of orange blossom along with warm woody smell of patchouli and Virginia cedar. Another impressive part is the bottle which is made of heavy glass and cold silver metal, and three bottles will be available in this collection, including 30, 50 and 90ml EDT.


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