Urban Decay Gloomy And Rainy Day Holiday Makeup Collection

Urban Decay is one of the Marvelous Makeup brands that always comes up with Mind blowing , fresh and unique  ideas and their new collection for the holiday 2011 season is certainly worth of paying attention to.

Mariposa Palette ($39)
Combining subtle shimmery tones, universally flattering neutrals and carefully selected rich hues, the Mariposa Palette is making sure you will easily get fabulous eye makeup styles that will radiate femininity and will instantly put you in the spotlight. There are 10 alluring makeup shades featured in the palette:

• Rockstar – deep purple
• Gunmetal – gray with silver glitter
• Skimp – ivory peach sheen
• Infamous -magenta sheen
• Wreckage – taupe shimmer
• Haight – dark teal with shimmer
• Money – pale silvery green shimmer
• Mushroom – steel gray shimmer
• Spotlight – golden tan shimmer
• Limelight – gold shimmer
It’s not only the gorgeous eye shadow tones that will catch your attention, but the fabulous packaging, which is all covered with butterflies on the well-known purple background, as the name of the palette itself suggests. The palette also includes an eyeshadow brush, which is completely cruelty-free, a reason to rejoice for animal lovers everywhere.

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Holiday 2011 Travel Size Set Electric ($32)


With three brand new shades, this limited edition set can help you look fantastic on the go. Here are the spectacular shades available in the set:
• Perversion – matte black
• Ransom – bright iridescent purple
• Woodstock – bright fuchsia sparkle
• Radium – vibrant blue shimmer
• Junkie – bright green sparkle
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Holiday 2011 Travel Size Set Naked ($32)


If you rather prefer tested tones, which can create a sophisticated makeup style that will flatter you all the time, the creamy waterproof shades included in the 24/7 Glide-On Naked set are definitely your best matches. The set brings 5 tried hues:
• Zero
• Demolition – dark brown
• Bourbon -glimmering dark brown
• Underground – metallic taupe
• Stray Dog – silvery taupe

24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil Stash ($34)


Finalize your gorgeous fall makeup styles with the new shadow pencils, signed Urban Decay, as they perfectly match any makeup look. These are the 5 shades available:
• Delinquent – dark purple with bright purple sparkle
• Rehab – taupe
• Juju – frosted taupe
• Sin – champagne
• Clash – bright turquoise with silver sparkle
The wonderful Urban Decay Holiday 2011 makeup collection is already available for purchasing in the US.


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