SpaRitual Trust Textures And Hues Naturally Colored Nail Polish

Give your nails a boost of color using these stylish vegan nail polishes created by SpaRitual and titled simply Truth. Let your imagination run wild and create a myriad of lovely, summery nail art designs that show off your true personality.If you’re not yet convinced about the power a fabulous nail color has over your style, you’d better take a glimpse at SpaRitual’s Truth Spring 2011 nail polish collection as it will definitely lure you into trying your best match. A true fashionista knows that its the small details which can make a difference and nail polish is definitely a detail which shouldn’t be overlooked.


The myriad of hues out there can help you find your perfect match, but if you want your nail polish to fit in between the boundaries of the latest fashion trends, you’d better select a hue featured in the nail polish collection designed especially for the season. SpaRitual has created its spring/summer 2011 nail polish collection to suit the current fashion and color trends perfectly, so no wonder it oozes beauty and style like nothing else. The beauty of flower gardens have inspired many designers this season and apparently this is exactly the muse of SpaRitual for their new season nail polishes.

However, SpaRitual isn’t your average nail polish brand as it has committed to delivering eco-friendly nail polishes that protect your nails as well as the environment. The brand uses vegan ingredients from around the world to come-up with their fabulous nail polish textures and hues, so if you are striving to protect the environment, these nail polishes are exactly what you should be looking for.

These nail polishes are colored naturally without the use of synthetic dyes, so they will be gentle on your nails. The spring/summer nail polish collection features fabulous pastel hues which are quite vividly colored, so give them a try and create endless nail art designs that suit your personality and style. There are 6 fabulous creamy hues featured in the Truth collection, so check them out and pick your favorites:


Circle of Life – vibrant crème blue
Knowledge is Power – hot pink crème
Reveal Yourself – lavender crème
Enlightened Soul – bright yellow crème
Eye of the Beholder – light green crème
Face of Destiny – peach crème

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