Kim Kardashian Celebrity Cat Eye Makeup


STEP 1- Before starting, make sure you have a good canvas to work with. Prepare your skin to maximize the efficiency of your eye makeup application.

STEP 2- CAT EYE makeup is all about your EYELINER!!! Have a good dark brown or black pencil ready. You can also use eyeshadow as your eyeliner (softer look) or liquid eyeliner (a little more difficult but more striking effect).

STEP 3- Now, apply your base eyeshadow on the entire upper eyelid…can be any color really but if you want a low-key look, use a neutral matte eyeshadow that compliments your skin tone. For a little glam and intensity, use a shimmer shadow or a deeper color such as dark taupe, brown or smokey grey, even black if desired.

STEP 4- Get your eyeliner ready! Line your entire upper eyelid as close to lash line as possible.



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