How To Pick The Right Shade Of Lipstick

The choosing of lipstick of shades is a little bit tough job but not so much, some colors appeal us only because we saw some colors wearing a celebrity or some person and they are looking nice but when we apply them we disappoint. So here some points are given which can guide you to pick a right lipstick shade,

1- You can talk to expert or a beautician to guide you perfect shade that suit on you,

2- Try to choose the shade that matches your lips,

3- If you have a lipstick that not suits you. create a great lipstick by blending 2 or 3 shades.

4-In day use light matte colors and in night use shiny and bright lipstick.

5- Glossy and dark colors are used in parties and functions. Light colors use in work places.

6- Women with fair skin look gorgeous in shades like nudes in slightly apricot shade, pink

And light corals.

7- For medium skin tone use little bit darker colors like roses, mauves, berries.

8- For dark and black skin chocolate, peep plum or deep red is fabulous. Caramel and walnut for day, plum or wine for night.

9- How to pick the right shade of red

Many women believe that color look odd on them but it’s a wrong concept. Application of red color is tricky, cherry red is for pink skinned ladies, fire engine for olive skinned and deep red for dark skin. To reduce brightness of red mixes it in brown shade. To form a new and stunning shade mix red with pink or purple shade.


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