How To Do Perfect Painless Plucking

Having well-groomed and well-defined eyebrows can do wonders for your looks. They help open up the eyes and give your face a more finished and refined look, even when you aren’t wearing any makeup. The easiest way to groom your brows is to pluck them with a pair of tweezers. The downside to plucking your eyebrows is that it can get quite painful. This is because the skin around the eye area is thin and sensitive, making you more likely to feel the pain as each hair is pulled out. To work around this problem, you can try any of the following remedies.

Get a good pair of sharp tweezers. The most important thing to have when plucking your eyebrows is a pair of tweezers. There are many out in the market. Make sure yours are nice and sharp. Choose between one with a sharp pointed end and one with an angled end.

Do it after you shower. To help prepare your skin and hair for plucking, try to pluck your eyebrows after you take a bath. This way, the steam from the shower will help open up your pores and soften your hair. This will make plucking easier. As an alternative, you can moisten a hot towel and place it over your eyebrows for a few minutes to achieve the same effect.

Stretch your skin. Use your fingers to stretch and pull back the skin as you pluck the hair. This will help make plucking easier since it helps reveal more of your hair.
Use an ice cube. As you are plucking your hair, you can choose to numb the area with a small ice cube. Use a small cold compress and place it over the eyebrow area. The cold will help numb the area you have worked on and help close the pores.
Use a bit of cucumber juice. If you have some cucumber juice, apply a bit of the juice over the skin using a cotton swab. This will help soften the skin and the hair. Cucumber juice is also cool so it will have a soothing effect on your skin.
Apply a bit of topical pain reliever. If you have highly sensitive skin, you can use some Anbesol or Orajel. With a cotton swab, apply a bit of the ointment over the skin where you will pluck the hair. This will help desensitize the area to make the plucking of the hair more painless. When you are done plucking, rinse the eye area well with cool water to avoid getting the product in your eyes.


Try toothpaste. If you don’t have any topical pain reliever at hand, try using a bit of toothpaste. The cooling action of the toothpaste will temporarily numb the area that will be plucked. Use a minimal amount so it doesn’t drip down on your eyes while you are plucking. As soon as you are done, rinse it off thoroughly and use a washcloth to wipe it off the eye area.

Finally, you really need to desensitize yourself to the pain. The more you keep plucking your eyebrows, the more you will get used to the pain. After a few times of regular plucking, you’ll notice that your pain tolerance will increase and plucking won’t bother you as much. Remember that when you’re all done, you’ll have perfectly winged brows and whatever pain you have felt will be worth it.


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