Fendi Dress Resort Shoes Womenswear Collection 2012

Fendi is a famous brand that cares for producing elegant and practical garments. It even produces many casual styles that would be suitable for different purposes and positions.


The resort collection of Fendi for 2012 was more than elegant garments. It was generously practical and included many styles of women’s pants as well. The dominating color was white mixed with traces of blue, and there was an obvious presence for yellow, olive, red and different grades of brown.There were short, knee length dresses that varied between flare and tank styles. They were suitable for outings or even yacht trips. The designer showed new modeling of dresses by using camel colored leather within some of the short dresses. They looked elegant and mostly represented a new style of casual women’s clothes.The other garments varied between short skirts in plisse style, paired with elegant blouses that were a common factor with the narrow cut summer pants. Other than using leather within short dresses, matters of creation came as elegant printed fur coats paired over short black dresses to result in a new style suitable for evening. Some shorts went in perfect synchronization with the summer pants as both were paired with girlish blouses and some other were paired with elegant cropped jackets. The whole look was perfect for casual outings and beach fun.


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