Dramatically Special Occasion Fantasy Eye Makeup

Dramatically doing up the eye with bright colors or with a Smokey look results in “fantasy makeup”. For example, the cat’s eye makeup, popular in the 1960’s is achieved by using eyeliner drawn up from the corner of the eye.

This type of makeup is applied for special occasions, such as Halloween. Fantasy characters like gnomes, vampires, and witches are quite popular. These are achieved using blacks, reds, and whites.

Most people long to look like their favorite celebrities. This can be done by copying their makeup styles. You do not have to break your bank to hire a professional stylist and makeup artist. You can copy the looks by looking up some websites that offer step-by-step instructions to applying your fantasy makeup.

Fantasy makeup is not recommended for daily use. You can wear it at the risk of being called quirky! The idea is to wear it for a special occasion altogether to get a different look and feel. Wearing it on an everyday basis kills the joy of that special look!

Fantasy makeup is also used for stage plays and theatre. Exaggerated looks are achieved by applying makeup deftly and providing the required effect on stage. Cosmetic companies retail it from high end stores to the internet. Your purchases could just be a click away! Go ahead and try on some fantasy makeup and give yourself a makeover!




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