Black Bronze Makeup : Sun-Kissed

The weather’s finally heating up, but most of us are still rocking pale, winter-worn skin. Time to fake it with bronze makeup! And no, bronzers aren’t just for White women (that whole “We’re already brown, why do we need to look sun-kissed.


Whether you warm up your cheeks with a dab of bronzer, prettify your pout with a coppery-brown gloss, or highlight eyes with a tawny metallic shadow — the beachy hue instantly brightens brown skin, giving it a warm, radiant glow.

Products used:-

Clinique foundation
Clinique powder
Mac Plumfoolery blush

Strret wear “groovy baby”
Myabelline chai latte
Mac carbon
Maybelline gel liner
Smoulder eye pencil Mac
Clinique mascara

Maybelline glamorous red liptick
Maybelline watershine lipgloss


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