Using Birthstones In Arts And Crafts

The world of gem stones is a fascinating place. Here you’ll find brightly sparkling precious and semi-precious stones of every colour of the rainbow. If you’re looking to give your craft project that extra spark of pizazz, there are various stones that will look amazing!

Precious stones can be used in a variety of ways, not only jewellery making, although this is possibly one of the most effective. You can add gemstone embellishments to clothing, bags, hats and much more besides.

Choosing the right precious stones for crafts

Because some jewels and precious stones aren’t always affordable in big quantities, it’s important to plan your project out more carefully. Part of this is deciding which stones you want to use, which can be dictated by a number of things. Remember, there are alternatives that you can use, such as diamantés and rhinestones, but there is a meaning behind a gemstone that adds to a thoughtful gift.

The purpose of birthstones is that they’re to be worn during a particular month to make the best use of the stone’s properties. Alternatively, if you’re making a birthday present for someone, you can incorporate the a birthstone that corresponds to their birth month. To help you, here’s a list of months and their corresponding birthstone:

  • January, garnet: garnet symbolises faith and truth. It is a deep red colour, with a pleasing, even sheen.
  • February, amethyst: Good luck and good health. The rich purple of amethyst offers a satisfying adornment to dark fabrics.
  • March, aquamarine: Happiness and understanding. The pale blue green of aquamarine is rather refreshing, reminiscent of the oncoming fresh spring air.
  • April, diamond: Eternity and courage. The beauty of diamond has made it one of the most sought after jewels on Earth. It might be a bit of a tall order to incorporate these into your next project, however!
  • May, Emerald: Fidelity and love. The bright green of the emerald is the perfect symbol of the beginning of the summer months.
  • June, Pearl: Nobility and beauty. A string of pearls can be expensive, but a pearl among beads can really add some extra class to embellishments on bags and other accessories.
  • July, Ruby: Strength and enthusiasm. Unlike garnet, ruby has a real sparkle to it that brings a liveliness to dark colours and intricate details.
  • August, Peridot: Success and luck. These sparkling gems offer bright embellishments to your craft project.
  • September, Sapphire: Truth and serenity. The cool blue of sapphire lends itself to the feelings of calm and balance, and looks incredible when set in silver.
  • October, Opal: Health and purity: The opal’s pale and dark blues work really well with nautical themes.
  • November, Topaz: Courage and wisdom: The November birthstone can come in a variety of colours, giving the topaz jewellery a great versatility.
  • December, Turquoise: Luck and love: Turquoise gives a relaxing blue green hue that works well when set in brooches and inset into rings.

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