Top 5 Benefits of Green Tea

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After years of research, scientists and doctors have found that green tea is beneficial to our health. The top five benefits are related to the antioxidants in the tea. They work in the prevention of cancer, heart attack, stroke, and for those who have rheumatoid arthritis. One or two cups a day are recommended to lower cholesterol levels, to kill rapidly growing cells that cause cancer and even to help relieve pain in the joints.

The top benefit of green tea is its ability to lower the risk of cancer. Cancer is caused by cells that rapidly multiply and EGCG in green tea slows this growth, killing the cells. Studies have shown that the risk of cancer is reduced by 18 per cent when we drink only two cups of green tea each day.

Green tea prevents heart disease. Tests were done by the Japanese, according to the Journal of American Medical Association and the results showed that people who drank five cups of green tea a day compared to one cup had a 16 per cent less chance of death related to cardiovascular disease. This test was performed over an 11 year period of time.


Green tea also helps to keep our cholesterol levels stable. The antioxidant effects of green tea keeps plaque from forming in our arteries. This plaque increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. The antioxidant effects lower cholesterol levels by preventing the conversion of LDL cholesterol into a dangerous oxidized form that causes artherosclerosis.

It also helps to boost our immune system. According to research done by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2003, theanine found in green tea boosts the activity of gammadelta T cells that are part of our immune system. Blood tests were done on a group of people who drank five cups of green tea daily and people who drank five cups of coffee each day. The tests showed the production of proteins with anti-bacterial effects were five times higher in those who drank the green tea.

People who suffer with rheumatoid arthritis have found relief when drinking green tea. EGCG in green tea works to protect the cartilage and also reduces pain and swelling in the joints. Doctors and scientists have approved green tea as a legitimate treatment for RA.

Green tea has also been proven to help people lose weight and it has become more and more popular for its ability to help prevent lung cancer (by 18 per cent). It is also said that drinking green tea and taking supplements that contain green tea is even better for our health than just drinking green tea alone.

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