Tom Ford – Famous Fashion Designer and Film Director

Tom Ford is a man that colleagues and friends have stated will excel at anything he puts his mind to. With titles such as famous fashion designer and award winning film director, Tom Ford has a tendency to shake up any industry that he decides to share his influence with.

Recently named as one of Time Magazine’s top 100 influential people of 2011, with multiple fashion awards and his successful debut in the film industry with his own studio and “A Single Man”, Tom has made numerous contributions to modern pop culture. After the rejuvenation of the Gucci Label under his leadership, Tom has changed the fashion industry with his own namesake label and created a fashion design that has various famous influences from Disco through to the elegant style of his grandmother. Tom is an openly gay business man and has had a successful relationship over the last two decades with long term partner, photojournalist Richard Buckley who has supported him throughout his famous fashion designer career.

Early years of a famous fashion designer

Tom began his career with the education of an architect, one whom could have very well ended up designing South London’s office space Wimbledon instead of creating dashing blouses and fanciful flair trousers. Born in Austin, Texas Tom went to school in Houston and Santa Fe before venturing off to New York, where he became a fixture of Studio 54 and garnered his fashion concepts for design that would rejuvenate the famous Gucci Brand. After graduating Ford had a meeting with an American sports fashion company and started his career in famous design. After gathering experience in America, Tom relocated to Italy to embrace the fashion designer capital of Milan and started working with Gucci. At the time, the famous label had problems with celebrities not even giving their brand a second look, and when Tom took the reins his brilliance would forever change fashion in Europe.

Inspirational imagination

Many people will say, Tom included, that with his Gucci success he was a man at the right place at the right time. Instead of searching for a local office for rent in Milan to begin his famous fashion designer career, he found himself at the upper rungs of the fashion empire ladder with Gucci. With racy designs and advertising campaigns and a Texan charm that had ladies clamouring to meet with him and wear his designs, Tom Ford became a designer of choice in a short period of time. After years of building the brand, in 2004 Tom and Gucci parted ways and the Birth of Tom Ford as his own brand ran away with success few men can ever claim to have. A quote from the famous designer “I am my own muse” shows his drive in the fashion industry, and this uncompromising passion flowed into film with his debut movie “A Single Man”, starring Colin Firth, which was nominated for an academy award. Without a doubt, Tom Ford is a famous fashion designer and a movie marvel who has not yet given the world all that his imagination has to offer.

Jemma Summers is a freelance writer with a keen interest in the worlds influential business people and what makes them tick.

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