The Most Essential Beauty Tools for Summer

In the summer, everyone is showing more skin and wants to look good. You don’t just want a hot bikini bod – you want to look fresh, put-together, fashionable, and hot (but not literally) all the time. The summer should be about relaxation, so you also don’t want to have to put in a lot of hard work to achieve the look. Never fear – there are a lot of products to help you. Here are the most essential beauty tools that will help you look your best all summer long.

Razor with Multiple Blades and Replaceable Cartridge

During the winter, you can go months without shaving your legs and no one (except maybe your boyfriend) will ever have to know. But the summertime equals shaving, and lots of it. You’ll shave your legs, underarms, and bikini zone, at least, and that’s a lot of hair removal considering how fast it all grows back. A really good razor is your best friend. Razors are expensive, yes, but now is not the time to save with the cheap disposable ones. Get a high-quality razor with multiple blades and a replaceable cartridge. It’s well worth the investment, and your skin will thank you.
Pair of Tweezers


Another essential hair removal tool is a pair of tweezers. Everyone has embarrassing stray hairs. You need a pair of tweezers so you can pluck yours. After all, why go to all that work shaving your entire body if you’re not going to take care of that stray chin hair, too, or shape up your eyebrows?
Hair Dryer and Flat Iron


The summer is very hot, and the thought of intentionally applying more heat to your head is way less than appealing. If you have the type of hair that can air dry after swimming and look amazing, most women hate you. You still need to style you hair, especially if you want to protect your do against the humidity. If you don’t thoroughly dry your hair before going out, it might turn into a frizz ball. If you prefer to keep your hair straight, flat ironing it will help it hold. Here’s a tip: Dry and straighten your hair at night before bed, when it’s a lot cooler.
Pumice Stone and Nail File


Your feet! You, and everyone else, will be seeing a lot of them while you’re wearing your sandals and flip-flops, so take care of them. You don’t have to go in for regular pedicures (who can afford that?), just get a pumice stone for buffing off dead skin and smoothing out those calluses while you’re in the shower. A nail file will also help keep your toenails and fingernails in top shape.
Eyelash Curler

Your eyelash curler will really come in handy this summer. Use it for everyday purposes to make your eyes pop, but also keep it on hand while at the beach or pool, when wearing makeup isn’t recommended unless you enjoy raccoon eyes. Curling your lashes will really help make up for it.

Cayla Crenshaw is a fashion and beauty writer who loves to give seasonal advice on style. She often covers anything from new fashions to getting great deals on cosmetic brushes.


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