Sleep in Style With the World’s Most Extravagant Beds

We all love to sleep, but could you imagine paying over $1 million for your bed. In the land of the rich and famous no luxury is taken for granted, especially when it comes to that which gives them comfort and rest. As such, designers from all over the world responded to this challenge by creating beds that take comfort and luxury to the extreme.

If you want a glimpse into the lifestyle of the insanely rich, take a look at the cribs whose tags can rival that of your homes.

1. Baldacchino Supreme

Price: $6.3 million

Regarded as the most lavish and extravagant bed in the world, the Baldacchino Supreme is reserved for those sitting in the lap of extreme luxury.

When two of the most respected designers, Stuart Hughes and Fratille Basile, join forces, expect nothing but the unthinkable. Evoking the old glamour of the 18th century, the Baldacchino’s frame is crafted from only the choicest chestnut and ash wood, and is adorned with 107kg of no less than 24 karat gold. To top it off, this ultra chic cot is clothed in the finest Italian silk and cotton.

2. Magnetic Floating Bed

Price: $1.6 million


As technology gains more ground, even beds have taken on a futuristic appeal with the launch of the Magnetic Floating Bed. Debuted at the 2006 Millionaire Fair in Belgium, this revolutionary cradle took 6 years to make and required the expertise and dedication of famed Netherlands designer Ruijssenaars, along with a pool of specialists from Bakker Magnetics.

This huge floating device is powered by powerful magnets that allow this bed to float above 1.3 feet of nothing but air and open space. If you are worried about getting carried outside your room, the Magnetic Floating Bed is held in place by durable wires that are fastened to the walls.

3. Parnian Furniture Bed

Price: $210,000



A true work of art, the Parnian Furniture bed combines style and functionality in an absolutely imaginative design.

From one of the world’s most decorated furniture designers, Abdolhay Parnian, comes a bed that gives customers the creative control to choose from an array of the best and most luxurious materials. Unlike ordinary cots, the Parnian furniture bed is packed with fresh features including LED touch light switches, iPod docks, floating nightstands, hidden drawers, and a specially designed hand woven mattress.

4. Jado Steel Style Gold Bed

Price: $676,550



Imagine going home to a bed made of 24 karat gold and Swarovski crystals. Sounds crazy? Well, think again, because this is exactly what the Jado Steel Style Gold Bed is made of.

Decked out in precious gems, this Swarovski and gold laden crib also boasts a state of the art entertainment system, Playstation 3, and a foldaway Plasma TV that is naturally slathered in glittering gold.

If you are looking for decadence, look no further than these magnificent beds that are sure to make want to hit the snooze button one more time.

While Carla uses most of her bedroom writing to talk about how to treat a bed bug rash and protecting your mattress with bedbug powder, its fun to learn about the elegant side of famous bedroom furniture design.

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