Make-Up Tips, Trends and Fashion For Summer 2012

So with summer officially just round the corner, you’ll probably be excitedly thinking about dusting off your summer outfits and no doubt shopping for some new tops, flip flops and short shorts…

So the fashion conscious amongst you might be thinking about what to wear, how to accessories and what make-up to match it up with. If that sounds like you, read on!

Cheeky Blush

This summer the focus is on being au natural, with the blusher at least; a sheer blush is just right for sitting in the sun or relaxing by the pool. In early summer you might want to go a shade darker to give a little color whilst you work on your sun tan.


And In The Night Time?

At night of course you can go for a darker, deeper color. Mixing a dark color with a light color helps to make the whole ensemble more interesting.



Lip Stick

In contrast to your blush, this summer why not experiment with some rich lipstick colors? You can certainly keep it subtle if you like, but instead you can try a fuchsia or cherry.

On sun tanned skin anything fruity will work nicely, cherries and berries are popular or if you are feeling brave even a vibrant orange shade. The key is to remember that it’s all a matter of taste, so go as rich as you like, or tone it down for a more subtle look.

Of course, the richer the color the more precise you need to be when applying, so it is always worth keeping a lighter shade on stand by, in case you are in a hurry.


What To Wear

Of course what you actually wear is the all important part – you need to match your make up to your outfit, to not to clash with it; matching lipstick color with your shoes or accessories is a popular tactic.


The Eyes

In the day time you can go easy on the eyes; just a little bit of sweat proof eye shadow will accent your outfit nicely. Heavy eye liner is rarely a good idea in hot weather…

Look After Your Skin

Whilst a bit of sunshine is great for you, remember that it will dry out your skin and so will your make up, so it is important to remember to pamper your face, moisturise and take off your make up each night. Try not to leave your make up on too long and you will look better for it when you do make the effort.

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