Latest Fashion and Clothing Tips for 2012 Underline Effortless Style

This spring and summer’s fashion trends lean more on balancing the floral and comfy with the classiness of lace and the ease of the hipster shorts. Peplum skirts and dresses have made a comeback. In case you aren’t familiar with it, it is a starchy overskirt that flares from the waist; you might have seen Rooney Mara flaunt this look at the premiere of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’.


The styles are much easier to incorporate as well as flaunt with shoe styles treading on kitten heels and lace numbers. Here, are a few must haves for this season:

•             Floral blouses with feminine cuts or dresses with single straps. The predominant colors are mint green. Pastel shades and neons like those in blue, yellow and orange too are a good buy

•             The new biker jacket in every other shade except black is the innovation with really classy leather jackets in white

•             Lace blouses or skirts along with an oversized clutch are a guaranteed style statement; the pony tails is back or if you are in a mood to keep it messy, try the messy braid or beach look

•             Reds are the new flavor of the season; raspberry red blouses with a rose sewn on the shoulder or a cute red dress and white jacket is a good touch for office wear

•             Boyish shorts reaching till your knees in a straight cut along with flip-flops or lace worked shoes add elegance to comfort

•             Stripes and animal printed numbers along with high-waisted pants and a slim belt or sheath dresses with stripes too are on the ramp

•             For those who love black and white combos, they are now the rage and can be the safest bet for a style statement. Also, skirt lengths are still following last year’s code of being mid-calf, so a black lace skirt of last year and a red blouse or mint blouse with lace work will draw eyeballs.


What else options are available for this spring!!

The fashions this time seem to lean heavily on feline grace with emphasis on lacy blouses and heels. The flounce seems to be an answer to the hourglass figure and the way you flaunt seems to display your style. You can go girlie like Emma Watson did in Jason Wu’s white blouse look paired with a dark mini skirt or you could play on elegant and classy as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge did with a navy peplum paired with a dark belt. As for the paisley prints, you can go full out with a long skirt and matching top or simply pair it with a blouse, shirt or tee of a darker shade.


If you’re not comfortable with the red dress look, swap it for a pastel simple two strapped dress and red stilettos. Shiny fabrics are in and so are grids and checkerboards along with dazzling jewel colors like turquoise and emerald for those who like a bolder style statement. With so much on your plate, isn’t it time to bid farewell to winter fashion season?

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