How To Look Great With The Preppy Look This Summer

History of Preppy


Some famous brands which have traditionally targeted the American look have always been huge pushers of the preppy look. Notable among these are Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, although there are various other examples of global brands that try and incorporate the preppy look into their outfit ideas, such as Lacoste. While the preppy look used to be in many ways quite nerdy and open to widespread mockery, the modern outfit ideas are smart, sophisticated and look great for any occasion.

The key principle of summer preppy outfit ideas is to ooze charisma without having resort to loud garments or a reliance on easily recognised labels. Keeping it simple and understated is the best way to develop a summer preppy look, and will see you leading the way in fashion throughout the coming months.

Bright and White


Contrasts are a key look this season, and building around white and brighter colours is the recommended way to achieve the summer preppy look. One easy to build outfit idea is to invest in a white linen suit, then look at building this up with bright, pastel coloured t-shirts which will stand out yet understate the suit nicely. More subtle pastels are also idea for this look, and one of the best outfit ideas is to combine a lighter pink or blue with beige chino’s and a darker blazer.

If you decide to go for shorts, make sure you get them with the best cut you possibly can. Shorts tailored specifically to you may be out of your price range; however there are still some excellent examples in the stores. Having shorts at hand can add flexibility to your wardrobe and give you many more outfit ideas than you had originally.



A preppy look just wouldn’t be that without some great looking accessories to help finish off the outfit and bring it to life. I’m not talking a stereotypical jumper around the shoulders, either. The top items on your list to finish off the summer preppy look should be a quality hat and some great sunglasses. Squarer styles are leading the way in this look, and adding these with a straw hat will give you a look that screams sophistication. To go the extra step, look for a sew on varsity badge which can be added to a blazer pocket, which will give your preppy outfit ideas added authenticity this summer.

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