How to Build Your Confidence Before a Job Interview

This article explores how to be confident going into a job interview, including advice on what to wear as well as focussing on the job itself.

Driven to Distraction


If you know you have a job interview coming up, then your sole focus from arranging the appointment to the time it is taking place should be on that, and that alone. For those inexperienced at attending job interviews, there can be so much to think about that it is difficult to prioritise, and you end up putting all of your focus into one area and completely disregarding another. This can then have disastrous consequences for your job prospects – interviewing brilliantly and knowing everything about a company will only get you so far if you decided to turn up in a tracksuit!

We looked at ways to build your confidence prior to a job interview, and ensure that nothing gets left out.

Dress Rehearsal

Look into what the dress requirements are for an interview. Most places will be formal, although if you are going for a job in a fashion business it is often better to dress in casual clothing that the business you are interviewing for stock themselves.


If you are dressing formally, then avoid so-called “power dressing” as if your life depended on it. There will be enough opportunities for wearing corporate garb and pinstripes if you get the job, so stick to the sober suit, shirt and tie, and focus on the job at hand.

Ensure that shoes are well polished, and that everything fits and looks great well in advance. If your suit is not new then ensure it is dry cleaned beforehand.

With what you are going to wear out of the way, it’s time to focus on the job itself.

Company Focus


Look on sites such as Glassdoor and find out what format your interview is likely to take. You will probably be expected to know at least a little about the company, so ensure that you have done your research and are able to discuss recent history with the interview co-ordinator.

Remember the Application


Let’s be honest, sometimes we overemphasise things on job applications and CV’s to put things in as positive a light as possible. It always pays prior to an interview to review what you wrote on a job application and anticipate the questions you are going to be asked. Hesitating when you are asked about being such a high achiever in your current role will probably be seen as you putting together a story, so have your story straight before you hit the interview room!

By putting these three top tips into practice you will immediately enhance your chances of getting the job you want, waste no time in beginning to prepare for what could be the last interview you ever have.

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