5 Great British Fashion Designers

The fashion industry in United Kingdom had always been successful in creating a wide array of fashionable clothing line that is recognised all around the world. This success goes to the hardworking British designers who put their creative ideas into a reality. With the country teeming with the most talented fashion designers, taking a pick as to who is the greatest is definitely not an easy task. Below is a list of the top 5 British Fashion designers who made a mark in the fashion world.

Stella McCartney

Born on 1971, Stella McCartney was raised in London, England. Following her dreams, she graduated from College of Saint Martins on 1995 with a course in Fashion design. Her graduate collection went front-page on the news and immediately sold to a London Boutique, jump-starting her career. After working as a creative director for Chloe, Stella McCartney launched her own fashion house in 2001. She currently operates about 17 stores located in the best parts of the world, making her collections reach over 50 countries. Stella McCartney continuously made a mark in the fashion industry with her collaborations with high-end retailers like H&M, Adidas, Bendon, Disney and LeSportac. With her vintage-inspired collection of dresses, stylish sportswear and attractive beachwear, Stella McCartney is now one of the most versatile designers in Britain.

Alexander McQueen

The famous Alexander McQueen was nothing less than a supreme talent and best known for lavish, eccentric runway shows and for his creation of trousers called “bumsters”, stirring a trend for low rise jeans. Born on 1969, at a young age, he made dresses for his siblings, inspiring him to pursue a career in fashion. He served as an apprentice at Savile Row before getting a job from Romeo Gigli in Italy. When he returned to London in 1994, he went to Central Saint Martins and earned his master’s degree in fashion design. Isabella Blow, a renowned stylist, bought all of his graduate collection, serving as a stepping-stone for his aspirations.

Mary Quant

Mary Quant is a daughter of a Welsh couple in Blackheath, London. Born on 1934, Mary ended up as a British fashion icon with her invention of the miniskirts and hot pants, embraced by a majority of youth in 1960s. She earned a diploma in Art Education from Goldsmiths College and started an apprenticeship as a couture milliner. After her success with the miniskirts, she became popular with a wide range of distinct fashion trend─plastic raincoats, balloon-style dresses, sweater dresses with plastic collars and knickerbockers, which are al now considered as part of the “London Look”. In the 1970s and 1980s, Mary Quant gave more time on her other business endeavours involving household goods and make-up.

Christopher Bailey

Working as Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, Christopher Bailey gained recognition as he turned the British luxury house into an authentic brand. Before landing a job at Burberry on 2001, he started working as a women’s wear designer at Donna Kara on 1994 and later transferred in Milan, where he worked for Gucci on year 1996. Born in West Yorkshire, England on year 1971, Christopher Bailey decided to study fashion at the Royal College of Art, where his talent was eventually discovered by Kara. He is now known for his revolutionised collections of outerwear revealing a sexy appeal along with their accessories and fragrances, which he transformed to a more invigorating style for the shoppers.

Viviene Westwood

Viviene Westwood decided to stop with her studies in fashion in the University of Westminster after her first year, but her passion still lead her where her heart truly belongs-the fashion industry. Raised in Derbyshire, England and born on 1942, she brought the innovative influence of modern punk fashion when she got acquainted with Malcom McLaren, who later inspired all her creations with his ideas regarding bikers and fetishist. The band “Sex Pistols”, managed by McLaren, wore their collections, which gave them momentum in their success. Their punk designs display outrageous bondage gears, razor blades, safety pins, bicycle chains on clothing including peculiar jewelleries. Westwood’s company has five shops and numerous franchise stores which have designs that were featured in the 2008 television series of “Sex and the City”.

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