DIY Bridal Hairstyles

Most couples will set a budget for their big day, and unfortunately most are likely to then exceed this! If you’re a bride-to-be you know just how expensive planning a wedding is, so if you’re looking to cut back wherever you can to save some money why not do your hair yourself rather than pay out for a professional? If you’re not a hair genie you could even just ask a friend to help out!

Here I’ve listed some beautiful bridal hairstyles that can be done at home, no expert knowledge required…

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Side Chignon

A pretty fresh chignon will never go out of style, and is conjured images of old movie stars on the red carpet. It’s laid back for an easy, natural feel to your look, yet is also sophisticated enough for any blushing bride. This look can be as done up or styled down as you want, and will always look beautiful enough that no one will question whether it was done professionally or not!

To create this beautiful look simply curl the bottom of your hair using a wide barreled curling iron, then tease the roots to create height and volume. Pull all of your hair into a low ponytail at the back, then twist the hair up towards one of your ears, loosely pining in place.

Pin the excess hair into curls back over the pinned up section and voilà, you look picture perfect ready for your big day!

Half and Half

This loose look is perfect for a simple, romantic bride with a summer wedding.

Use a large barreled curling iron on the bottom of your hair to create loose, voluminous curls, pulling your fingers through to separate them (remember to NEVER use a comb/hairbrush on curled hair, always brush through using your fingers – unless you want masses of frizz that is!)

Separate the hair into a middle parting and gently tease the roots to add volume, then simply pull the sides of your hair into a half ponytail over the back. Secure this with pins before shaping the curls at the back and spray with hold-in hairspray.


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Brooch and Flowers

This is a simply look that will suit any bride. Opt for a loose, summery hairstyle such as flowing curls that tumble past your shoulders, easy to do at home with a curling iron, or loose waves with some elegant, simple braids close to the face that have been pinned back into the rest of the hair.

Talk to your florist about which flowers can be used on hair pins – certain varieties are likely to wilt! All you’ll need is some thin wire to wrap the stems around your Kirby grips for beautiful, DIY pins with a magical, forest-fairy appeal!

Keep your dress and make-up simple and natural, then add one single, large flower at one side. Alternatively, if your dress is more intricate try adding a cluster of small, delicate flowers to add a romantic feel to your look.

If flowers aren’t your thing why not opt for a romantic bridal brooch instead? This can be store bought, homemade or made to order, and will fit in with almost any hairstyle. You can even choose one with blue crystals embedded in it for your something blue!

Tell me how you are planning to do your hair for your big day – are you going it alone or getting a professional do?

Michelle Star is a beauty addict who blogs for Merritts for Hair. Her top hair-styling tip, on your big day or any other day of the year, is to not shampoo for 24 hours beforehand – believe it or not, a little product build-up actually helps your hair to stay styled for longer!

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