4 Fantastic London Hair Salons to Get Your New Year Hair

The UK is full of good, reputable hair salons, whose hair professionals will give you the style and look that complements your very special panache. New Year Eve is fast approching and you will want to look stunning here are four hair salons that are absolutely fantastic and have cutting edge hair cuts that will see you into 2012 in style:

1. Andrew Barton Salon:

Andrew Barton Salon is a premier salon in the Covent Garden area that is leaps ahead of the others. Andrew Barton has built up a team of stylists that have pioneered the technique of colour paneling, blushing and monochromatic or one-color blondes, brunettes and redheads. Even though Andrew Barton is a celeb in his own right, he spends two days a week overseeing his shoppe and chatting with clients. This salon is noted for its all-over cut, colour and finish transformation. It is well worth your while and easy on your pocketbook.


2. Charles Worthington Salon:

The minimal look of this salon beguiles the talent of its hair stylists. This salon is bright and comfortable, providing a genuinely relaxed, friendly setting for becoming an even more beautiful you. At Charles Worthington Salon, clients are treated to snacks and champagne as they are being transformed. Charles Worthington has two salons, one on Percy Street and the other at Covent Garden. Marian Newman manicures and pedicures are also available at these two establishments. If you try Charles Worthington, you will be thrilled at the outcome.

3. Windle & Moodie:

This salon engages in hair styling, colour and cuts for any venue. Celebs, like Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow, have had their looks created by the stylists at Windle & Moodie. At this salon, stylists specialize in speed styling and speed colouring for women in need of a transformation on their lunch break. Clients can relax and enjoy the luxury of a lunchtime cut and styling. Windle & Moodie is in the Covent Garden area of London and is perfect for the busy woman.

4. The Blow Bar:

At The Blow Bar in the Islington section of North London, you will enjoy a cut and blow dry in this tiny salon. You can listen to music and sip on champagne as you are being beautified. The Blow Bar is a drop-in hair salon, which is perfect for the person in a hurry. They also will do a men’s hair firm up for a small cost. This salon is on a back street and is a well-kept secret of its many regular customers. So, why don’t you try out one of these fantastic, innovative beautify salons the next time you want to revamp your look or just trim it up a bit. No matter which of these four salons that you decide to visit, you are in for a pleasant surprise and a brand-new, edgy look.

Written by Jay a Hairdresser, Creative and Writer from London UK.

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