Tips for Selecting the Perfect Prom Dress

The prom dress, the best friends and the date are probably the three most important aspects of every girl’s prom night. Of these three, the prom dress is the only thing that can actually be chosen, unless of course you ask your date to the prom. Selecting the perfect prom dress is a daunting task for everyone involved. We all know that the prom dress should be perfect, but what exactly does perfect mean? Furthermore, with so many prom dress styles and fashion trends out there, what you like today may make you cringe in a few years time. This article outlines a few vital tips for selecting your prom dress.


Select a Prom Dress that Flatters Your Body Type

Although you may absolutely adore the red carpet look of your favourite celebrity, it is naive to think that specific prom dresses will suit everyone. Thus, the first tip for selecting the perfect prom dress is to buy one that matches your body type. Rounded figures should choose prom dress styles that create a waistline. Hourglass figures should choose prom dresses that accentuate your curvy silhouette. Slim or boyish figures should choose a prom dress that creates curves. Prom dress boutiques or dress shops should be able to advice on what prom dress will best suit your figure.

How Much Skin is Too Much?

With all dresses, a massive consideration is how much skin to reveal. You want to feel glamorous and beautiful on your prom night, but you also do not want to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious by revealing too much. How much skin you reveal is all about personal preference, but remember that elegance and class go a long way to creating a beautiful look. Slits, low backs and off the shoulder prom dresses make for a stylish look.

Work with Your Skin Tone

It’s a fact; some colours simply do not work well with certain skin tones. Pale yellows, beige and off whites generally do not do light skin tones any favours. Rather opt for deep greens, reds and blues. Darker skin tones have a larger variety of colours to choose from, particularly for brighter colours. White and black are great classic colours that give a more formal look to prom dresses. Black is great for slimming, as are darker colours like midnight blue. White dresses generally look great on girls that are more toned, as they draw attention to the body.

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