T-Shirts In Daily Use

The largest segment of the population does not work in an office and wear a suit, tie and wing-tip shoes to work. The majority of the global work force arrives at work, whether that job is at the end of a train ride or at the end of the hallway, in a t-shirt they bought at a bazaar. It could have been bought at a designer store as well, but the point is still that it is a t-shirt. Once the suit goes home in his wing-tip shoes, he changes into a t-shirt as well. Bu the guy in the t-shirt during the day does not change into a suit when he gets done with his job. Evidence the prevalence of t-shirts in most walks of life.


Kid’s Attire

As a kid, the first article of clothing most are introduce to are some kind of a t-shirt variant. This t-shirt variant may have a few buttons and because babies have disproportionately large heads, it is necessary to have the next cut larger and the buttons to close them up after they are put on. From the baby to the toddler and to the young boy, t-shirts occupy a large ration of the closet. There are off course button downs and other styles bu the t-shirt, by far, is the apparel in hot pursuit of the person’s wardrobe space.


Boy’s Attire

For every boy, his father’s t-shirt is a badge of honor he gets to prize on one day. The sooner the better. For every boy, the day that he wears his father’s old college t-shirt is one to never forget. It altogether strikes a chord of connection to the man this young boy measures his own conscious and the t-shirt will all the war stories to go along with it is something the boy wears with pride. So to all the other t-shirts he owns, while may not come close in terms of honor, it does come close in terms of style. Boys, their t-shirts and their leather jackets go a long way in determining they character as men in the making.



Teenager’s T-shirts

As the ages ascend and the boy evolves to being man, his identity begins to gel. His sense of style begins to take on a flavor of its own, but it is in no doubt that his style is cast from the same die as his father’s and no doubt influenced by the t-shirt and the spin the new age has on everything.


As we traverse the space-time continuum of our own paths, the t-shirts and its various representations have their own effect and own enchantment in our lives. The make us who we are, the support us in style of comfort and warm us in wintery conditions. The t-shirt is our claim to ingenious ideas and as the invention of the wheel, it cannot be re-invented.

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