Silk Short Night Wear Nighty Dress

Women’s night wear are defined as light and easy-to-wear clothes for sleeping or for the new brides/honeymooners. The nightwear includes the nightgowns, the pajamas, the short pajamas and the babydolls.

The designs of the nightgowns differ between the long and short style, the fitting or flowing and the mini gown. They can be made of pure silk fabrics, or knitted with another material like cotton; to make it easy for use.It is adorned with frills, laces and qualitative embellishments, which enhances its appeal.


10 Responses to Silk Short Night Wear Nighty Dress

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  3. They were fantastic but what if they were a little bit long cuz evn i want the same like these…..

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  5. I am A busy Man.

  6. your post ”
    Silk Short Night Wear Nighty Dress” looks interesting, got so much information regarding new fashion trends

  7. nice range, that’s soo attractive silk collection

  8. honeymoon nighty

    The above given night dresses are extremely fantastic, specially the silk attraction .Its shows a new trend fashion

  9. Soo beautiful

  10. Please Requested send me nighty some photo with address

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