Is Your Wardrobe Prepared for a Real Winter?

It may not be as cold as last year so far, but the chances are it is still going to be a bad winter and if your wardrobe is not prepared then you could get caught short…

So let’s pretend for the next few minutes that it will actually be a terrible winter; the snow from last year will pale into insignificance compared to this year, all roads and rails will be closed, no flights will be going anywhere, water, electricity and eventually gas will be cut off and you will quickly find yourself getting very very cold.

Where would you be without a well-stocked wardrobe then?

Survival Mode

The best thing to do then, if you imagine that this might actually happen, is to prepare yourself and importantly your wardrobe for the extreme cold. You will obviously need to have lots of very warm clothing but what exactly should you go for and what else might come in handy?

Arctic Fur

If you know anything about the arctic, or have been watching the awesome Frozen Planet BBC nature series, then you will know that fur is the way to go. It has natural thermal insulation properties that trump any man made materials every time. Clothing and footwear insulated with real fur or at least lined with real fur is a sure fire way to stave off the coldest of colds.

Fur can be quite expensive though and is a bit morally wrong.

Army Style

Fur is great if you don’t have to move much but if you need to be out and about perhaps hunting for food in your new desolate snow covered world, you need something a bit more active. The army provide high tech solutions to this problem with their own range of extreme cold winter wear. Soldiers’ standard winter kit includes thermal long-johns, leggings and socks, fleece lined trousers and tops as well as super thermal jackets. Get yourself some of this and you could walk around in minus temperatures feeling like it’s the middle of summer. British army surplus stores usually stock some of this stuff but you may need to do a bit of hunting for all of it.

In reality, we should not be in line for an early on-set of the next ice age, but the truth is that if last winter is anything to go by it is going to be super cold again. Never go out into the wilderness on your own, especially when it is below freezing and if you’re out driving try to make sure you have a survival kit in your boot along with a fully charged mobile phone so you can always call for help.


Harrison Clooney is a British Army surplus advisor. He has worked in extreme conditions through his career as a Mountain Leader, but now he sells army jackets online.


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