Five Must Have Winter Fashion Accessories

Fashion trends come and go and often times you have buyer’s remorse about many of your purchases. You realize that you never quite had a need for that Native American-style poncho or that top with the ugly, bold stripes. With this, it becomes difficult to keep up with the trends and still have your own unique style. A great way to still be trendy but keep your edge is upgrade your accessories instead of your wardrobe.


1. Jewelry is a great way to switch an outfit from casual to dressy in an instant and can make an old look into something new. That’s why jewelry is a great place to start this season. Winter 2011 brings bold looks back in style. Think chunky bracelets, large earrings, both long and collar necklaces, and rings. Bracelets should be form fitting and sit at the wrist. They can be decorated with accents like beads or jewels but something can always be said for a plain gold cuff.

2. It’s a season for big or small when it comes to bags; there is no in between. Large totes or small clutches are in so it would be best to get one of each. Small clutches are great for going out at night but don’t over pack them, as their small shape is part of the appeal. If you need more then what can fit in your clutch, take the tote.

Clutch purse

3. Scarves are not just great for the winter trend but they will help keep you warm during the temperature change too. For a warmer day, add a thin scarf to a tee shirt or blouse for a new look and save your thick wool ones for those chillier days. There is not one color scheme that screams winter fashion 2011, so you can bring out solids, patterns or even those crazy animal prints you’ve been hiding in your closet. Check for all the latest styles and you can use Eddie Bauer coupons so these accessories don’t break the bank.

4. For shoes this season, you looking at a lot of ankle details. This means ankle cut boots or ankle straps on pumps, wedges, booties and sandals and can range from a cuff to crisscross patterns to even a tie. These shoes are best paired with Capri pants or short skirts. So don’t be afraid to show off your sexy legs and ankles with a fabulous new ankle strap.

Angel Azorin Novo 2011 Shoes

5. Vests are also popping up on the hit list this winter, but they aren’t talking about a regular zip or button up vest. Fur vests are in and they are actually taking the place of some coats! You can pair this fuzzy accessory with a turtleneck, long sleeve tee or even a dress. These vests come both long and short for a variety of styles and endless possibilities. Experiment with other belts, tights and jewelry to create a unique and chic one of a kid look.

Steff Scholl enjoys discovering new trends but realizes it’s near impossible to keep up on all the new styles that come out. It can be very tiring as well as expensive, which is why she shops with Eddie Bauer coupons for all the best deals.

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