Fancy Dress to Impress

There is no party more fun than one that involves fancy dress, the party where you become someone or something else for a whole night. The thrill you get when seeing your friends coming dressed in funny or sometimes inspired selections of characters.

However, sometimes planning what to wear can become a stressful situation. You want to be something different than the norm, something that nobody else is likely to have thought of. Once you have an idea in your mind of what you want to dress as, it can then be difficult to find somewhere that has that particular costume.

Here are some small tips on fancy dressing:

Deciding What You Want to Be

This is the chance for you to be something that lets you live out personality traits that perhaps you do not normally harbour, for instance perhaps you are a quiet type in general, this enables you to be able to be a loud and flamboyant character if you wish.

You can always take one of the safer options if you want to just blend into the crowd, though you will not be remembered for much; however that may be exactly what you want.

Ensure it is as Practical as it Can Be

Something like a Dalek costume may seem fun and original, but you are certainly going to get hot in there, and moving about may seem a struggle. On top of that, flirting with any of the guests will also be a tad difficult.

So get something that allows you to do dance, hold a drink, talk…even move.

Though it is Fancy Dress…Remember What the Occasion Is

This is particularly important for parties related to work, try not to be something too offensive, especially if your bosses will be attending. Additionally, dressing as something completely outrages may have you imprinted in the back of the minds of some of the heads of the company…you not want to be remembered as the stupid guy dressed as a goat.

Purchase Rather Than Hire

This is because they simply do not cost as much as you think, whilst the cost of dry cleaning a hired alternative is going to have you wishing you bought it outright in the first place anyway. This also enables you to use it again, as long as it is a different fancy dress party amongst a different set of friends or colleagues.

So whether you are looking for women’s or mens fancy dress costumes, take a look at the wide variety of options you can find online. They can even have the costume delivered straight to your door.

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