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Hair Chalking – Easy, Economical & Fun!

‘Hair Chalking’! Have you heard of it? Today actresses like Dakota Fanning and Kate Bosworth, pop songstress like Lady Gaga and rock sensation Avril Lavigne have become fans of hair chalking which have brought rainbows into their locks!

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Lana Del Rey Black Hairstyle – New Look

This time Lana Del Rey in totally new look,this time she is in Black hairstyle.This color suits her a lot.Lana Del Rey debuted black hair sizzling.

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Demi Lovato Enchanting New Hair Color 2012

Demi Lovato is a well famous cute face.this time she is on screen with different and  Enchanting New Hair Color .No dough this color suits her .

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Trendiest Haircuts For Young Girl Emo Hairstyles


One of the trendiest trends in Haircuts today is Emo hairstyles. The Emo hairstyle or Emo hair as it is called sometimes, is considered unisex, popular and in style with both men and women. Since most Emo  Haircuts are considered versatile, there are plenty of diverse hair styles for both men and woman to try out.

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DIY Bridal Hairstyles

Most couples will set a budget for their big day, and unfortunately most are likely to then exceed this! If you’re a bride-to-be you know just how expensive planning a wedding is, so if you’re looking to cut back wherever you can to save some money why not do your hair yourself rather than pay out for a professional? If you’re not a hair genie you could even just ask a friend to help out!

Here I’ve listed some beautiful bridal hairstyles that can be done at home, no expert knowledge required…

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Side Chignon

A pretty fresh chignon will never go out of style, and is conjured images of old movie stars on the red carpet. It’s laid back for an easy, natural feel to your look, yet is also sophisticated enough for any blushing bride. This look can be as done up or styled down as you want, and will always look beautiful enough that no one will question whether it was done professionally or not!

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How To Style Naturally Curly Hair

Do you have naturally curly hair? Do you always find yourself spending hours upon hours trying to master styling techniques with little to no success? There may be something in your hair routine that requires a little tweaking. Follow these eight steps to find out what’s the missing piece of the puzzle.

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Jessica Chastain Blonde Soft Curls Hairstyle


Jessica Chastain Blonde Soft Curls Hairstyle is arrange as such a way it look like Barbi.Her barb was swept invest in to the nape of the neck and then twisted vertically up to the top and pinned into deposit.

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Zara Summer Straight Hairstyle Lookbook

Zara brand is always outclass in which  brand include Dresses – Shoes – Handbags – Shirts – Trousers – Blazers – Skirts.But this here zara presenting a classic hairstyle with summer dress.She is wearing straight Hairstyle with light summer dress.

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Mythic Hairstyle And Dress For Mango Summer Fashion

Summer is ever hot and scotching . summer is also called Mango summer which is a best collection which is filled with color light dress like jeans short pants, T-shirts and louse dress.The  patterns and interesting textures and proportions are perfect for summer.Those simple hairstyles are easy to wear and look stylish.

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Jessica Chastain Updo Half Curly Hairstyle Shoots


Jessica Chastain’s charming copper waves and golden curly hairs are awesome.She love to wear  updo Half Curly Hairstyle and this hairstyle suits her a lot.To recreate her trend, utilize crude waves or curl one-inch sections of whisker with a medium-barreled curling iron.and set the hair styles with hairspray.

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